Louisiana Purchase

By: Hunter Colonna

Louisiana Purchase facts

Thomas Jefferson wanted to buy mostly New Orleans from the French. It actually turns out that the French wanted to sell the whole Louisiana territory. This turns out to be almost the whole middle half of the United States today. This turned out to be the best deal on land in history. An acre back then cost 5 cents. We turned out to buy the whole territory for $23.2 million. I know this seems like a lot of money but it was actually really cheap and we bought the whole middle of the United States for it. When we bought this land Thomas Jefferson was the main man that wanted to buy this territory. When he heard the deal that he was going to get he on the spot accepted the deal to buy the whole territory. What he did was unconstitutional. What you are supposed to do is when you want to buy land you have to approve it by the senate. He never did that he just bought the land.

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