Mrs. Wimmer's Winners

A Weekly Newsletter

Writing Skills/Technical Writing

This week in class, I will assess the students' expository writing skills. We will also begin organizing personal portfolio folders so that we can see how much each student has grown in his/her writing ability at the end of the semester.

English II Pre-AP

English II Pre-AP students will review the December benchmark and go over their data. This will help us recognize areas that need work in preparation for the STAAR EOC exam coming up in the middle of the semester.

Aside from reviewing the benchmark, students will read "Marigolds" by Eugenia Collier and begin current event assignments. We will continue with the Daily Grammar Practice we started last semester.


We have a VERY important deadline at the end of this week. By Friday, 50% of the book will have been created! It is exciting to see the creation of a yearbook and the passion your kids put into every step is so meaningful. If you would ever like to come witness what we do in class, please feel free to contact me.

General Announcements