Beach Buddies' Bulletin

April 4-8, 2015

In other literacy learning we have:

*put a new poem into our poem books

*made a list of ING words

* focused on the star words SHE, SAW, and THIS

Inventions Party

On Thursday, April 21st, we will be having an Inventions Party -- in honor of Earth Day. We need your help to start collecting any "recycled" items you could share for our creations. This would be ANYTHING that could be reused to help us make an invention -- bottles, old phone cords, popsicle sticks, yogurt containers, yarn, socks -- ANYTHING that can be reused! Please wash any food/drink containers. Due to space, we can't collect things at school until Tuesday, April 19th. Until then, collect at home and we'll look forward to seeing the treasures on the 19th, 20th, or 21st. ** Any tape donations would be appreciated as well...masking, painters, or duct. Thanks for your help!

How-to Stories

We have LOVED reading the great comments on the HOW-TO stories that were sent home last week. (envelope with the purple comment sheet glued on the front) If you have not returned your envelope, please do so next week. Thank you for celebrating writing at home!

Pen Pal Field Trip

Thank you for returning your Pen Pal field trip permission slips. We are looking forward to the 28th! I'm thankful that so many of you can join us! If anyone changes their mind...we have plenty of room! Just let me know. If you are volunteering that day, soon I will be sending home an information sheet about the day. Thank you for completing your animal research at home...hopefully you all found the research folder in your child's backpack last week. If not, please let me know soon so we can track it down. Thank you for your help with this special day!

Care Center Visit

Extra hands at the Care Center are always appreciated! Let me know if you want to join us this Thursday from about 9:00-10:00. Thanks!

Technology Tidbits

Seesaw Blog

Instead of our regular blog post this week, I have a link to our new class Seesaw blog. Maybe you of you have signed up for updates on your child's Seesaw iPad app. I have heard from many that you enjoy seeing the learning happening in school through the Seesaw updates. It is simple to use and only informs you when YOUR child publishes something. It is a great way to stay connected. If you have not signed up and would like to, let me know! Each child/parent has as special log in -- I will send the info your way soon if you need it resent.

This week we started our class Seesaw BLOG. When you sign up for Seesaw you only see YOUR child's work. On the new blog, we choose work to share with the WORLD so you will see items from the whole class! Each kindergartner selected one piece of work to "publish". Check out some of our new learning. Many are videos so if you see a play button- press it!

Beach Buddies Seesaw Blog

Learning Apps

Fun apps for practicing writing words:

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, April 14 - Care Center visit

Thursday, April 21 - Inventions Party

Thursday, April 28 - Pen Pal field trip

Have a great week!

Wishing you peace and everything good,