Asiatic lion

By E W


  • The Asiatic lions are mammals
  • Asiatic lions have a shaggy coat, and both sexes have a distinctive fold of skin that runs along the belly.
  • The Asiatic Lions have a long tassel of hair on the end of their tails and long tufts of hair on their elbows.
  • The Asiatic lion male weighs about 150 to 250 Kg and 1.7 to 2.5 meters in length.
  • The females weigh 120-180 Kg and 1.4 to 1.75 meters in length
  • It often communicate by roaring late in the day
  • Average life span in the wild: 16 to 18 years

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Food Chain and Habitat

  • They live in Asia, and the Middle east
  • They live in Grassy plains, dry thorn forests, Savannas, open woodlands, scrubs, prairies, thick brush, and semi-arid plains of sub-Sahara Africa
  • They are carnivores
  • It is a predator, and it hunts wild pigs, deer, and zebras
  • They live under shady trees


  • They have dark vision for catching their prey at night.

  • Sharp claws are also used for defense and to display their strength and power to other animals.

  • The most visible and striking adaptation is sharp teeth. Like other carnivores, lions also rely on meat to meet their dietary requirements. Dull teeth are not capable for providing the grip to tear and chew meat, that is why, lions have sharp teeth so that they do not have any problem in eating food. Another use of sharp teeth is defense.

  • Whiskers act as feelers and allows the animal to sense its surroundings, and find its way out through tight spots. When a lion is on a hunt, these whiskers help it to sense the prey, and objects around it.

  • African lions have tan-colored fur on their body. This fur color is an adaptation to meet certain requirements. The tan color helps it to blend with the color of the surroundings which prevents it from being attacked by predators and competitors, and also helps it sneak through while preying.

  • Lions are the only cats that live in groups, called prides. Prides are family units that may include up to three males, a dozen or so females, and their young.

  • The females hunt together to hunt prey

Reason for Endangerment

Why they are endangered:

  • Forest are getting destroyed by fires, and human activity
  • Many hunters hunt the lion for a sport
  • Farmers have electric fences, and lions go near those fences, causing them to die by shocks of lightening

What they are doing to protect them:

  • Putting up fences to protect their land
  • Showing awareness
  • Making people stop hunting them
  • bring up news about them, so the public knows what is happening


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