Colonial Services

By: Dakota Bowers


There was a variety of colonial servies. One is a blacksmith who whacks iron to make iron objects. Then there's miller wich is not a last name it's a person who works with grain to make it flour. Now there is clothing wich clothing told much about colonial people.

The Blacksmith

A blacksmith was very important in colonial times. For starters a blacksmith is a person who mostly worked with iron to make iron objects. Here are some of the objects that the blacksmith would make, hinges and latches. They would also make farm and household items. Last but not least, they made horse shoes. They would painfully shoe horses by nailing the shoe to the hooves. Blacksmiths were very skilled workers.

The Miller

Miller was not a last name it is a person who worked with to make flour. There were shafts connected to a millstone. The gears on the millstone turned the millstone. The miller used a mill called a gristmill. The gristmill-(was a mill for grain) had many levals. millers were really smart. They knew that if the blades on the millstone if they went dull it would ruin good grain. that is most of the things that the miller did and used.

The colonial Clothing

Clothing told much about colonial people. Most of men counted on the women. They counted on them to make the clothing. So you can see that the women were more important then the men. The clothing people wore in the colonial times told much about them. One thing that the clothing told is if you are rich or poor. That is some facts about the clothing in colonial times.


From the blacksmith whacking red hot iron to the miller not being a last name and using grain for the flour for the bread. The clothing telling much about colonial people and keeping them warm or cold.


Book: The Blacksmith

Web: Colonial life in America by Joan r. Gunderson

A day in a life of a colonial miller by Laurie krebs

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