Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of Government

Judicial Branch of Government

The judicial Branch of Government is basically, The division of the federal Government that is made up of the national courts; and interprets the laws, punishes criminals and settles disputes between states

Judicial Branch Fun Facts

~ Over 200 years ago are founding fathers wrote the constitution

~ Our government has been divided into 3 different branches of government the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branch; Each has its own responsibility to make sure our government is running smoothly

~ This Government is made up of judges and lots of courts

The Supreme Court

~The highest court in the United States is the Supreme Court

~The Constitution doesn't say how many Supreme Court Justices there should be. There have been as few as 6 justices in the past, but since 1869 there have been 9 justices.

~ President nominates all the Supreme Court members and the Senate confirms them. They hold their offices for life

How the Judicial Branch works

The judicial branch is a federal court system. When people bring civil cases to court, the judges or justices hear them and determine whether both the law and case are constitutional. Then, they go on to follow the law to determine what the outcome of the case should be.

3 Branches of Government