The Research Project Part 1

The Narrative

What do you see?

Open a Word Document and Label this first activity as Visual Stimulus. Click the image to the right and tell me what you see. (A bulleted list should be fine.)

This should take you 2 minutes and then we'll share.

Research Question: Why do people tell stories?

Today we begin the research process....Woohoo! By the end of this week, you will have thought about why we tell stories as well as reflected on the process of story telling. So....for the first part of class, I'll give you about 15 to conduct a little research. In 15 minutes, you should have had the opportunity to collect 10-15 "possible" sources, or URLs. Label this section Possible Sources, and paste each URL. (If you click the space bar after each pasting of the URL, the link will become live.)

QuickWrite: Time for reflection....What do you know about research? How do you feel about it? 10 minutes

How to Research Effectively

Click the Novice and Expert tabs in Google Guide, once you have played in the website a bit, make a list of 5-8 things that you've learned about searching in Google. Make sure to label your list as Using Google.

Website Evaluation

View the website on Martin Luther King and download the website evaluation from Live Binder. Rate the site according to the criteria (put an x in the appropriate boxes). You'll need to copy and paste the information into your working document for today once you finish. This should take you no more than 15 minutes.

Your Topic Declaration

You will need to submit a Topic Declaration where you will let us know your possible topic sentence as well as your 3-4 subtopics.

Your paper will eventually need to explain your support for why people write. Obviously there are many reasons, and your opinion is important because you'll need to argue for it: You'll just need to support your ideas with the factual information that you find through your research.

How to Create the Annotated Bibliography

You will have to create your own Annotated Bibliograph that will include only the sources that you plan to use for your paper. Remember that you'll need 4-5 sources total. You should be able to start this process today by looking at the Word document in the Live Binder entitled Annotated Bibliography. Be sure to begin a new Word document for this assignment, and it'll be due tomorrow.