The 2A Express

The Weekly Roundup

Week Sixteen....

Greetings, Parents and Caregivers,

This week was a blur!

If it wasn't for the photographs I had taken, I'm not quite certain if i could have recalled all that took place within and without the walls of 2A's classroom!

This week was certainly a whirlwind of events, with pizza parties, Qatar National Day activities, assemblies, winter celebration parties, farewells, waiting to see if we would be attending school today ,and of course learning!

On top of all of these events and activities this week, and as I have mentioned to a few parents already; the students and I were talking today regarding the following year. I mentioned that next year you will all be Third Graders. They thought I was just saying something silly and dismissed the notion with laughter. So I pressed on by asking "When do we finish school?" To which they replied "June, 2016!". I then followed with "When do we start again? ". They started to think and then a few answered "September, 2016!". I then countered with "So, what grade will you be in?" And that's when they saw the logic behind my comment. It was true! They will become Third Graders next year! There were looks of bewilderment, excitement and then a few were stunned. In closing I mentioned, that we are on our way to Third Grade. There are still many things to start, finish and continue to learn, but know that I am looking forward to working with each of them to get there.

In closing, I hope that each of you takes this time to spend with your family, recharge the batteries, and reflect upon the wonderful things that have happened this year, the challenges overcome and the hardships that are yet to be solved.

I look forward to catching up with you all in a few weeks.

Winter Break Celebration

Once again, the students of 2A were lucky to have such a well organized, fun, tasty and creative celebration.

Special thanks to Clair and Joann and all the other parents that made it such a great event!

The photographs speak for themselves!

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The Fourteenth Week

The Subjects


This week has seen 2A complete the geometry and fraction portion of the unit.

The students of 2A were assessed on their understanding of polygons and fractions and will begin the last part of the unit after the break.

As we wrapped up the unit 2A took the time to look closely at the ancient game known as Tangram, and attempted to put pieces together to create animals, people and other interesting objects.

This final part of this module is the study of time,

It would be beneficial If there is a chance over the winter vacation to practice reading an analog clock, to be prepared for this final part of the unit.

Another option is to use the resources that can be found on IXL. The lessons that are provided here would strengthen your child's foundational understanding of time and give them practice the skills of reading an analog clock.

IXL Second Grade Resources

The Art of the Tangram

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Reader's Workshop

This week 2A finished our nonfiction reading unit.

We celebrated the event jointly with 2C, also sharing our self authored nonfiction books with them.

2A will begin our new reading unit, Character Study, reading books with strong characters, observing how characters, act, react, and change over the course of a story. This in turn runs parallel to our new writing unit.

Below is attached the parent letter that provides an outline of what will be taught in the unit.

On a side note, during the winter break please ensure that your child is visiting the RAZ Kids website regularly. The levels have been updated to reflect their latest reading assessment. I will be checking on their progress in the coming weeks.

Writer's Workshop

This was the week we planned to celebrate our publications and share them with our peers.

For most of the students of 2A this was possible, although some did not quite get their books to the point where they would have liked them to have been.

As mentioned before, 2A shared what they had authored with each other and with the students of 2C. Images of the celebration can be found below.

Once these finished nonfiction books are marked and cross checked with the draft versions, they will be emailed home in PDF form for your own sharing session with your child.

Also, with the end of one unit, the following unit is ready to be taught. This unit, as mentioned previously, runs parallel with the Character Study in Reading. 2A will be learning the skills needed to craft a successful realistic fiction story.

Please read the parent letter attached below for further insight to the unit's layout and skills that your child will be strengthening.

Sharing Our Nonfiction Books with a 2C Peer

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This week the 2A scientists investigated moving air, also known as wind.

This saw the students looking at what wind is, how it affects where and how we live, and how we can measure it.

We looked closely at the tools to measure wind direction and wind speed, notably the wind vane, an anemometer and the Beaufort Wind Scale

Next week 2A is investigating clouds. This will see the students investigating what is a cloud, what do the different types of clouds indicate and includes a virtual rain lab task.

Creating an Anemometer

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Exploratory Time

Last week 2A started a new team design challenge.

Their team challenge is to design the tallest free standing structure that they can using only 6 sheets of chart paper.

We will continue with phase three and four in January.

It should be a very challenging task!

Stay tuned!

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In Other News.....

Pragya Performs a Few Tunes for 2A on Her Guitar

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Pizza Party!

The party was a great surprise for our children and was met with smiles and cheesy fingers!

Once again, a huge thank you to Joann Warren for bidding on this prize at our ASD fundraiser event earlier in the year!

The Elementary Principals, Lana Al Aghbar and Mindy Martin joined us, as well as the Elementary Councilor, Zoe Gare for a few slices of pizza and a chance to talk to the members of 2A.

Everyone had fun, and we found out that we have one student in our class that doesn't like pizza! I was amazed!

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Qatar National Day Activities

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Pajama Day: Before and After

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We Farewell Esme

It was with sadness, hugs and donuts that 2A farewelled Esme this week.

Esme possessed a wonderfully sincere disposition and a quirky sense of humor when the occasion arose. She was quick to make friends in 2A and will no doubt find it easy to do so in her new classroom in Oman.

The good news is, we get to see Esme at the Friendship Festival in February!

We wish Esme and her family all the very best in their new adventure!

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Things To Know:

Full Tuesday Schedule on January 5th

We would like to remind you that Tuesday, January 5th will be a full school day with dismissal at 3 pm for students in KG – Grade 12.

This is to make up for the lost day (instructional time) on November 25.

Tuesday After School Activity Pick Up

Parents picking up students from After School Activities on Tuesdays should enter through Gate 8.

A kind reminder to all parents to bring and display your ASD Dragon Card at all times while on campus.

Arab Mothers Association Fundraising Activities

The Arab Mothers Association fundraisers will be hosted every second Thursday of each month.

January Dates At A Glance

  • January 3, 2016 - First Day Back from Winter Break
  • January 5, 2016 - Full Day Tuesday, Schedule to Follow (makeup flood day)
  • January 10-14, 2016 - AMA Book Fair