Bogangar Breaker Canteen 2014

All volunteers welcome!

Welcome to all our new Families

Our canteen is P & C run and relies heavily on the help of our wonderful volunteers, and i would like to welcome you all to become involved. We are very proud to run the canteen under the Nutrition in Schools Policy. We are committed to offering our students healthy,nutritious food and drinks, with a wide range of "green" foods and also a limited range of "amber" foods.
The Canteen is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for breakfast, recess and lunch, and for various school events during the school year.

Opening Hours
Breakfast 8.30am - 8.55am Recess 10.50am - 11.20am Lunch 12.50pm- 1.30pm

Most of our volunteers help out for a couple of hours either in the morning or over the lunch period. If you can spare even an hour anytime that would be greatly appreciated. Please go see our Canteen Convener Deb on any day the canteen is open. Your kids will love seeing you there!