How athletes overcome challenges

George Eyser

George Eyser was born in Germany in 1870 and he was the only child. His father was George Sophus Jasper Eyser and his mother was Agusute Friederike Henritte Eyser. They moved to United States when he was 14 years old. George worked as a book keeper when they were living in St.Louis, Missouri.

Then, he was practicing gymnastics at a club Concordia Turnverein Saint Louis. 10 years later he obtained US citizenship, he had an accident later when a train ran over one of his legs, and lost most part of it. He had a left wooden leg then, but he could ran or jump. George trainned very hard because he wanted to go to the olympics in 1904.

In 1904 olympics the gold, silver and bronze medals were given for the first time. The competitions lasted several months, there were 2 sets of gymnastic programs: International Turners Championship on July 1-2 and olympic gymnastics championships on October 29 that included seven individual apparatus programs and the combined event.

Eyser competed in the two programs, but did not do well in the first one, he wan in 10th place. He also competed in the triathlon but finished the last. Eyser continue doing his best and in the second competition set in October 29, he won 3 gold medals for for parallel bars, long horse vault, and 25 foot rope climbing. Two silver medals for pommel horse and 4-event all-around. One bronze medal for horizontal bar.

Eyser continued competing, doing his best in Concordia and in 1908, the club won in Frankfurt, Germany and in the 1909 the national meet in Cincinnati, Ohio.