Tim Burton

By: Emily Bennett

Early Life

Tim Burton was born in Burbank, California. As a preteen he started making short films in his backyard. He used crude stop motion animation techniques or shoot them on 8 mm film without sound. In school he was bullied a lot which led to his depression.


He, very quirky, introverted and artistic. He prefers to be alone making short films or drawing and writing rather than hang out with friends.

Obstacles He Faced

Growing up was difficult for him. He never really understood the other kids and just would rather be alone by himself. His parents never really understood him and he hated going to school because the constant bullying.


Burton has received several awards such as an Emmy, Grammy, BAFTA, etc

Why He Inspires Me?

He inspires me because I've always wanted to be a director. I've always wanted to use what has happened to me in my past and use that to create something that can show kids and anyone out there that you shouldn't let your past stop you from being who you are and doing what you want to do. He did that and i really look up to him for that.

What I've Learned

From his experiences, i have learned to not let my past get ahead of me and to just carry on with my life and try to stay in the present. You define what you want to be.
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