Life Within Colonial America

By: Theresa Alvarado

New England Colonies

The colonies within the New England were Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine. Massachusetts came up with is Bay colony charter stating traditions for self-government. Connecticut came up with a similar self government but with more voting rights. This became the first written constitution of the "New Word". Confederation decided to bring the colonies together to fight the Native Americans but ended up doomed . This colony could be similar to the Southern colonies because they both based their economy on agricultural incomes.

Middle Colonies

Consisted of New York, New Jersey, and then later Pennsylvania. England took control over New Jersey and New York from the Dutch in 1644. Both New York and New Jersey were made a royal province. .New York was made in royal province in 1685 and New Jersey in 1702. Both Colonies were ruled by general assembly and royal governor. Due to part of the Quaker work ethic through industries, Pennsylvania became economically prosperous. Philadelphia became the largest city of the colonies with a population of 20,00 people. This colony and the New England colonies could be similar due to how they are both self-governing.

Southern Colonies

Jamestown ( in Virginia) took over the southern colonies which were Chesapeake colonies, Maryland, and both North and South Carolina These regions were more religiously diverse then both Middle colonies and New England. These colonies harbored Europe immigrants and a large number of African slaves. The economy was founded on the plantations that grew tobacco, rice, indigo and later cotton. These plantations needed workers that wouldn't hurt the economy so they used slaves. This colony is different than the New England colony because the New England colonies decided to team up to fight against the native Americans, while this colony is open to immigrants and native immigrants as their slave workers.