Cinnamon Berry Oats

It's healthy looking and it's healthy tasting!

By: Maddie, Megan, and Ta'Leah

Appearance and Flavor

Cinnamon Berry Oats have a berry taste and at the same time there is a sugary taste to it. This amazing cereal is made from a variety of berries and oats. The process to making Cinnamon Berry Oats starts off with sun drying an assortment of fruit including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Following that we then mix oats in with the berries and then lastly we blend in a tiny portion of cinnamon and vanilla. Our cereal is different from most because of the special ingredients vanilla and cinnamon. There's no specific shape to the berries but the oats are formed in clumps.

Targeted Market

Cinnamon Berry Oats are targeted towards teens, or kids ages 13-17. Gender does not matter but a grade range of 8th-10th grade would be our target market. If a teen is athletic, enjoys getting involved in sports, likes to exercise and be healthy, then this cereal is for them. Cinnamon Berry Oats meet the needs of athletic teens because they contain healthy ingredients that sustain their energy levels.


To buy a box of Cinnamon Berry Oats will cost just $2.99. We based this price off of Walmart's price for cereal. They listed their price for a box of cereal as $2.98 but we decided to make our price a penny more because most things that you buy at a store are priced at a dollar amount and then 99 cents.


Two of our direct competitors are Honey Bunches of Oats and Special K. We consider these cereals to be our direct competitors because they have a lot of the same ingredients and they are considered a healthy cereal like Cinnamon Berry Oats. Two indirect competitors we have are Mini Wheat's Cereal and Honey Nut Cheerios. These are indirect competitors because these cereals target a different age group then ours. Although our competitors have been considered popular cereals, Cinnamon Berry Oats are better than all of them because there is oats and dried berries in it. Also, the flavor of the actual cereal bits are unique.

Try Cinnamon Berry Oats Today!

The next time you pay a visit to a grocery store near you we encourage you to take a trip to the cereal aisle and purchase a box of Cinnamon Berry Oats! Like we always say, "It's the GOOD stuff!"


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