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Reveiws and ratings.

Oscar and Alphonse features an adventure that I would want to read over and over again! -Abby Watts (She says 5 stars)
It has a great ending. It was an intriguing book.
-Haley Shaw (She says 4 1/2 stars)
Overall, It was a great book. I would recommend this to anybody who loves a good book!
- Colby Kelley (She says 5 stars)

Who are the characters?

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Alphonse is a special person. She is one of very few who have seen and been to, the Home Outdoors. The one who leads her there is the one and only, Oscar the caterpillar. Oscar is very smart. He can communicate with humans! Also, he helped Alphonse discover Wicked, the evil witch who burned and ruined the Home Outdoors. Oscar and Alphonse are lead into a big adventure that no one will want to miss. Read the book Oscar and Alphonse to discover and experience the adventure that many loved!