Pop Latino

by Zakk Stringer

Pop Latino Origins/Characteristics

Pop latino takes cues from romantic ballads and love stories as the primary source material for inspiration, much the same as English Pop. The origin was in the later 1960's, but it was significantly different than today. It is more recently considered more club oriented dance music as opposed to the traditional romance songs. Pop Latino songs generally have a high tempo beat, often times accompanied by synthesized vocals. They can be both sad or lighthearted, but it is always emotionally charged.

Popular Artists:

Founder (Sort Of)

No-one really knows the real creator of the genre, but it was highly popularized by Sergio Mendez in the 1960's. His songs include The Look of Love, Magalenha, and Fool on the hill.
Shakira - Hips Don't Lie ft. Wyclef Jean