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Stag weekend

The Wordy Introduction Bit

As you all know, little Stephen Barratt has decided to get wed at the end of this year and as is tradition on these sort of occasions, I'm pulling together a group of like-minded men to drink, eat and sleep together.

I've spoken to most of you already but just to confirm the details so far and to share the latest developments, I thought I'd create this little spot. Add it to your favourites so you can get back in the future.

All the essential information is below including my contact details and I'll add to these as plans take shape and the scheming continues.

Looking forward to it already, we've got a good crowd.


Stephen's Stag Weekend

Friday, Nov. 16th 2012 at 5pm to Sunday, Nov. 18th 2012 at 6pm

Birchover, United Kingdom

Birchover, England

I've booked a pair of adjoining self-catering cottages in Birchover for a weekend. There's a few pictures below.

The Plan


2.00 pm: Cottages are available and Myself, Dave and Frazer will be hauling stuff down

2.00 pm: If you're off work on the Friday, head down whenever you like after 2 ish. Parking is very limited so the more lifts can be shared the better please.

7.00 pm: Ste arrives at Simon's expecting to play poker but instead, gets man-handled into the car by Simon and driven to the middle of nowhere

7.30 pm: Simon and Ste arrive in Birchover and meet up with the gang.

8.00pm onwards: Strictly Come CoDding - Call of Duty with a twist for those of you that think it blows ass.

Other, more hilarious games will also be available. Trust be, it.s gonna be a good un.


Hearty breakfast followed by a steady morning.

10.30 am: Photo hunt in the woodland around Birchover (bring sturdy shoes/boots or just something with a bit of grip and not too new ;)

2.00 pm: Pub lunch to see off the last of the hangover

Saturday night: Texas hold-em, for those of you that have played, usual rules apply. For those who have never played, we have a way of evening the odds for you. (also, history tells us that the newbies always win anyway.)


We have literally, all day in the cottages on Sunday so for those of you that want to head off early, you can but if you fancy sticking around, we could spend an extra day in the glory of Ste :)

The Venue

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The Motley Crew

These are the "kind" photos I have of everyone. Watch this space for more... realistic pictures appearing soon.

Contact me

If you have any questions, queries, suggestion or even just amusing stories about the man himself, please get in touch and let me know. If you want to get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, please make sure it's a private message.