Help Save Sharks!!!

Beautiful Sharks Don't Deserve To Be Endangered

Shark Facts vs. Shark Myths

Myth #1: Sharks are all Man eaters vs Fact #1: Humans aren't food for sharks, the sharks involved in incidents with humans are often times looking for other prey.

Myth #2: All sharks are big with lots of shark teeth vs. Fact#2: There are more than 400 different species of sharks, some less than a foot long and some with teeth not even used for feeding.

Myth #3: Sharks are not important vs. Fact #3: They are a top predator in the food chain, keeping other marine population in check.

Myth #4: Nothing can hurt sharks vs. Fact #4: Sharks are in rapid decline due to human activity. Shark populations grow slowly and don't produce many young which make it harder to replenish the shark population.