October 11, 2020

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Early College High School News

Mission Statement

Our ECHS Owls are taught to have H.O.P.E.--faith in the premise that they can create OPPORTUNITY and a better future through EFFORT, HARD WORK, and PERSONAL COURAGE. This idea of H.O.P.E. is woven into the fabric of our ECHS family.


Greetings ECHS School Community,

From the first day of school, our students began establishing goals for themselves. Since then, they have worked diligently to organize their time, personal learning plans and resources; to help make those goals a reality. Their efforts have been supported by their parents/families, teachers and staff and we are super proud of them!

I am also pleased to report that our teachers and staff are on the same page with ECHS students and have established personal learning plans and goals for the year as well. We have identified professional goals and also goals in support of student growth. It has been noted by Antoine de Saint-Exupery that, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. As a result, we understand the value in crafting and monitoring our campus and class course plans, while consistently focusing on ways to support every students’ academic plans.

As we conclude the eighth week of school, I must take time to celebrate our hardworking ECHS students, teachers, staff members and PTSA! You are Appreciated!


Dr. Wilson


October 12th & 13th - Student Holidays(No School)/Staff Development Days

(***ACC Classes are still in session on October 12th and 13th****)

October 29th - 11th grade students take the PSAT on campus

District Updates & Reminders:

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Stay Safe and Secure Online

Oct 8, 2020

By: Clarence Campbell, Round Rock ISD Information Security Officer

How often do you consider your cybersecurity before you click? No one is immune to cyber risk. You may be giving away the keys to your kingdom if you aren’t paying attention to your password habits. Having a strong password can be your best defense in the wake of unyielding attacks by cybercriminals.


  1. Identify your weak and duplicate passwords and replace them with unique and complex passwords. Use a minimum of 10 characters ( a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols) for each account.

  2. Use a password manager. A password manager stores secure password login information you use to access apps and accounts on your mobile device, websites, and other services. Find free and paid downloadable password managers. Before students or staff download a password manager or install software on any District device, please refer to the District’s policy for software approvals.

  3. Use of two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) when available. A standard implementation of 2FA/MFA is a password, and one-time code sent to your mobile device required to log in and access your account. Many major financial institutions use 2FA/MFA.


  1. Use personal information you share on social media, e.g., child or pet names, favorite sports team, important dates when creating passwords..

  2. Use the same password on multiple accounts. If accounts/passwords are compromised in a breach, attackers post your password on the dark web. Attackers on the dark web use your password to engage in password spraying techniques against financial, corporate, and government websites.

  3. Share your passwords and refrain from writing them down and keeping them near your computer.

Some experts recommend that you change your passwords every 90 days. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is observed in October to ensure consumers have the resources they need to stay safe and more secure online. Don’t let the month go without updating your passwords to protect your digital kingdom.

New Feature: Progress report and report card email notifications

Oct 7, 2020

Beginning with the first nine-week marking period in October, a new Home Access Center (HAC) feature will email parents/guardians of students, grades 3 -12, a notification when their student’s progress report or report card is ready to review. In June, the ability to view and print report cards became available in HAC.

To receive the notification, you must have a HAC account. HAC is an online information system that allows parents and guardians to gain real-time access to their student’s information such as class schedules, class assignments, grades, attendance records, transportation designation, food service PIN# and set grade notifications.

2020-2021 Progress Reports and Report Cards Distribution

*Progress reports and report cards will be distributed on or about the dates listed below:

August 20 – October 16 Grading Period:

October 2: Progress Reports Issued

October 23: Report Cards Issued

October 19 – December 17 Grading Period:

November 13: Progress Reports Issued

December 11: Progress Reports Issued

January 8: Report Cards Issued

January 6 – March 12 Grading Period:

February 1: Progress Reports Issued

February 26: Progress Reports Issued

March 26: Report Cards Issued

March 22 – May 27 Grading Period:

April 16: Progress Reports Issued

May 7: Progress Reports Issued

June 4: Report Cards Issued

Nueva Función: Notificaciones por Correo Electrónico de Informes de Progreso y Boletas de Calificaciones

Comenzando con el primer período de calificaciones de nueve semanas en octubre, una nueva función del Home Access Center (HAC) enviará un correo electrónico a los padres/tutores de los estudiantes, grados 3 al 12, una notificación cuando la informe de progreso o boleta de calificaciones de su estudiante esté listo para revisar. En junio, la capacidad de ver e imprimir boletas de calificaciones estuvo disponible en HAC.

Para recibir la notificación, debe tener una cuenta HAC. HAC es un sistema de información en línea que permite a los padres y tutores obtener acceso en tiempo real a la información de sus estudiantes, por ejemplo horarios de clases, asignaciones de clases, calificaciones, registros de asistencia, designación de transporte, número de PIN de servicio de alimentos y notificaciones de calificaciones establecidas.

2020-2021 Distribución de Informes de Progreso y Boletas de Calificaciones

*Los informes de progreso y las boletas de calificaciones se distribuirán en o alrededor de las fechas que se enumeran a continuación:

20 augusto – 16 octubre Período de Calificación:

2 octubre: Informes de progreso emitidos

23 octubre: Boletas de calificaciones emitidas

19 octubre – 17 diciembre Período de Calificación:

13 noviembre: Informes de progreso emitidos

11 diciembre: Informes de progreso emitidos

8enero: Boletas de calificaciones emitidas

6 enero – 12 marzo Período de Calificación:

1 febrero: Informes de progreso emitidos

26 febrero: Informes de progreso emitidos

26 marzo: Boletas de calificaciones emitidas

22 marzo – 27 mayo Período de Calificación:

16 abril: Informes de progreso emitidos

7 mayo: Informes de progreso emitidos

4 junio: Boletas de calificaciones emitidas

Please continue to visit the Round Rock ISD Food Services and COVID-19 School Closure webpages for the latest information and updates. We will also provide information on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

For the Latest updates on District instruction, operations, resources & FAQs related to COVID -19 School Closures; please reference this district link.

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Click HERE to join today!!

$10 per adult $5 per student!



The Department of Future Readiness has webinars coming up for parents and students. Below are the Webinars for the month of October. Below is the link for their Community Education Website.

Tuesday, October 20th -

  1. “Leveraging Free Test Prep Tools for SAT, ACT, & TSIA” - presented by the Director & Coordinator of Library Services, Ami Uselman & Diane Hart

  2. “Tips for Time Management” - presented by the Coordinator of Student Support & Mentoring, Bekki Van Ryn. (Zoom link coming soon…)

  3. “Free Tools for Planning: How to Pay for College” - presented by Kate Mullan from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Staci Gammage, Stony Point High School Education


Stress Management Workshop for ECHS Students

Hello Riverbats!! As you continue to approach important assignment deadlines and juggle other commitments, you may start to feel stressed out. Although just enough stress can be a good thing, too much stress isn’t good for anyone; so, ACC is here to help and support you! The ACC Counseling Department will be hosting a Stress Management Workshop specially designed for RRECHS students, on October 16, 2020.

ECHS Stress Management - 1

Time: Oct 16, 2020 01:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 976 7234 6575

Passcode: 868151

ECHS Stress Management 2

Time: Oct 16, 2020 02:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 940 9699 3326

Passcode: 972526

ACC Student Accounts

We are aware that students have received holds on their ACC students accounts. Students’ holds will be removed from their accounts prior to Spring Registration. Please do not worry about these holds at this time. Students’ will be notified if there is action needed on their end before the hold can be lifted.

For your reference, please see the 2020-21 Academic Calendar for RRISD and ACC.

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THANKS TO ALL OUR 11th grade students for signing up to take the PSAT on October 29, 2020!

***PLEASE NOTE: The PSAT/NMSQT not only provides you with practice for the SAT, but also allows you to connect your PSAT performance to Khan Academy to gain access to personalized practice for the SAT you will take in March. It also may qualify you for scholarships through a variety of funding partners and the National Merit Scholarship program, and reveals AP courses which might be a good fit for you through AP Potential.

*****October 29th will be an asynchronous learning day for all students, not testing. ONLY OUR 11th grade students will come to campus this day. The asynchronous day will allow campuses to put into place all possible safety protocols.

Juniors will ONLY be able to take the PSAT/NMSQT in OCTOBER and sophomores will ONLY be able to take the PSAT/NMSQT in JANUARY.

Juniors who do not test in October WILL NOT be able to test in January.

October is the ONLY opportunity for this year's juniors to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program.

Sophomore students will take the PSAT in the Spring.

If you have specific questions, please contact the Mrs. Holmes:

Helpful Technology Links:

Google Meet Issues – ideas of solutions

Clear Cache in Chrome

Link to login when not on a school device

Why Can I Not Get Into Google Meets

Google Meet Troubleshooting Tips

Simulator – How to update your chrome on a chromebook

Help with Audio on Google Meets

Schoology Connecting Google Drive

District Chat Help About Schoology Plus Moore – ReImage FamilyNet

ECHS Accessing ClassLink and Schoology

Classlink and Schoology Login Directions

Counselor Update:

Attention Juniors & Seniors! Check out these great Virtual College Fairs. Here what college admissions counselors have to say about making your college application the best it can be!

TACRAO Virtual College Fair Dates/Links

Historically Black Colleges & Universities Virtual College Fair Sign-up

ECHS Service Learning As promised, here are some cool updates to our service learning here at ECHS. Several students have asked questions about how service learning/volunteer hours will work this year in a virtual setting. Here’s an update with some new ideas!

See below for SAT & ACT dates and deadlines. . .

SAT Fall 2020 Dates at Area High Schools:

October 3, 2020


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date

September 4, 2020

September 15, 2020 (for mailed registrations)

September 22, 2020 (for registrations made online or by phone)

September 22, 2020

November 7, 2020


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date

October 7, 2020

October 20, 2020 (for mailed registrations)

October 27, 2020 (for registrations made online or by phone)

October 27, 2020

December 5, 2020


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date

November 5, 2020

November 17, 2020 (for mailed registrations)

November 24, 2020 (for registrations made online or by phone)

November 24, 2020

The ECHS School-Day SAT is scheduled for March 3, 2021 for 11th graders.

ACT Fall Dates at Area High Schools

Register to take the ACT!


  • Saturday, October 10

  • Saturday, October 17

  • Saturday, October 24

  • Sunday, October 25

Resources for Families:

*HSC Texas launched a 24/7 statewide COVID-19 mental health support line to help Texans experiencing anxiety, stress, or emotional challenges during this pandemic. The toll free number is 833-986-1919.

*If you or other family members are experiencing hardships related to COVID-19 visit and enter your zip code and it will generate a list of organizations (organized by category) that have COVID-19 response programs.

The district's contract with Bluebonnet Trails Behavioral Health is still in effect should you need an online appointment with a Licensed Professional Counselor. Contact Ms. Holmes ( for more information.

ECHS “OWL”standing News!

ECHS NHS Virtual Induction Ceremony

The ECHS National Honor Society virtual induction ceremony took place on October 6, 2020. It was both innovative and memorable. Our NHS student officers (Ann H. - President, Mary H. - Vice President, Dita R- Secretary, Janna N. - Treasurer, Daniela R. - Parliamentarian, and Mariana H.A. - Historian) and teacher sponsors (Mrs.Wagliardo & Mr. Russell) did a great job!

Our thanks to the Stony Point Vertical Learning Community Area Superintendent, Mrs. Natalie Nichols, for honoring our fifty six new inductees!

2020 ECHS National Honor Society Inductees:

Syed A.

Misbah A.

Parnian A.

Moeed A.

Ryan B.

Roszlyn B.

Lucas B.

Landon C.

Jaden C.

Hailey C.

Raiza C.

Thisath DS.

Rafael D-DS.

Madelyn E.

Ashley G.

Connor G.

Jaden G.

Susan H.

Dinah H.

Shiho I.

Suho I.

Emaad K.

Holland K.

Erik K.

Samantha L.

Ashley L.

Joslyn L.

Adrian M.

Bridith M.

Izza N.

Muna N.

Chidera O.

Joseph O.

Lohesh P.

Chanh P.

Lucas R.

Paula R.

Michael R.

Tara R.

Jenny R.

Janaye R.

Ana R.

Gilberto S.

Samuel S.

Ken S.

Leith S.

Rishi S.

Florence S.

Sunshine S.

Samantha S.

Braden T.

Gabrielle T.

Alyssa T.

Isabella T.

Jeremiah U.

Leonardo V.

Many Thanks to the ECHS NHS officers, advisors, & administrative team (Mrs.Hornecker & Mrs. Holmes) for going above & beyond to make our ceremony's virtual edition a success!

KUDOS to our inductees & families for being part of this special event!

Here are some highlights!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We would like to show support to those within the Early College High School community, as well as others we know with breast cancer or impacted by breast cancer.

This is the flyer our NHS students created for the month of October. SHOUT OUT to Daniela R. for her design!

We would like to make Friday, October 23rd a Think Pink day at ECHS!


So we ask that you please consider pulling out your pink, whether it's head to toe or just on your toes! Let’s Think Pink on October 23rd!

Thanks again to our NHS student leaders for sponsoring this initiative at ECHS!

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OWLstanding Awards

SHOUT OUT TO Our OWLstanding ECHS Students, selected by their teachers to be recognized this week; for exemplifying H.O.P.E. (Hard Work, Opportunity, Personal Courage & Effort) within their classes and on our campus:

Check out the OWLstanding ECHS Students for the Week of October 5th!

Timothy H. (9th Grade)

Lola G. (9th Grade)

Alexis N. (10th Grade)

Osiris G. (11th Grade)

Mason M. (11th Grade)

Meg M. (11th Grade)

Dita R. (12th Grade)

Chakyra D. (12th Grade)

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR OWLstanding ECHS Staff nominated by their colleagues to be recognized this week for doing great things for our students, staff, and campus:

Julian Jones

Jordan Stewart

Keelie Taylor

Dana Brady

Sydney Michna

Harry Meyer

Jaynelle Wagliardo

Wesley Russell

Helen Holmes

Karen Vaughn

Todd Spillers

Katrina Bolin

Adrian Barrera

Lois Conovan

Brittany Tamez

Tara Hornecker

Dr. Elizabeth Wilson

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Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15th through October 15th.

We are pleased to acknowledge the generations of Hispanic and Latino Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our ECHS community, society and nation.


Thanks to our teachers and students for helping to make the October 9th mini-sessions enjoyable! Students will participate in a bonus Friday of their mini-sessions on October 16th.

SHOUT OUT to the following members of the National Honors Society from the Class of 2021:

Gladys Y.

Dani R.

Theo E.

Sarah B.

They requested to design informative mini-sessions to share during the next three weeks, in support of ECHS students. Their October 5th session was entitled: Upkeep Mental Health ! SHOUT OUT to these student leaders!

Students were able to choose from and take part in the following three week mini-sessions:

College Applications/Essay Assistance

Resume Builder/Scholarships

Riddles/Brain Teasers

Kahoot Games



Game design

Would you rather - Get to know you games

Speed Art Quick Draw

Deck Toys

Virtual College Visits

Beat Making

Physical Challenges and Affirmations

“I” Matter!

Adulting 101

Sports Talk

Nest time

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Last week, a club proposal form was shared with all ECHS students. It was shared with students that this form is intended for all club ideas, those that have existed previously and also those new ideas. All clubs will have to be re-established for the 2020-2021 school year and designed with virtual and on-campus students in mind. ECHS students interested in presenting this club proposal form must do so by Wednesday, October 14, 2020. We are working to get ECHS clubs started within the second nine week period.


STUDENTS CAN USE ANY PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE (example: C, C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, “block code,” etc.) and ANY PLATFORM (PC, web, tablet, robot, mobile, etc.). There are NO LIMITS on application theme or topic!

Feel free to CLICK HERE for details about the rules for the Congressional App Challenge.

To be eligible to participate in the Congressional App Challenge, you must be a middle or high school student at the time of app submission.

Students may register as individuals or as teams of up to four. No more than four students are allowed to form a team.

Students may compete in the district they reside in or the district they attend school in.

If competing as a team, at least half of the teammates must be eligible to compete in the district in which they are participating in.

In an effort to maintain our good health, safety and well being; we are ALL encouraged to please continue following the current restrictions instituted within our city, state and nation.

Please take care of yourselves!