My work 2013

by Rose

My newspaper

Pa wins boulder smash

Pa’s a man who left his family to search for work .On the way he met two friends and found work at a quarry.

They where just in time for a competition . There was $50 up for grabs to split between them both. They had to work in the heat with them both holding a nail or a hammer. Pa and one of his friends started coming first with the other partners right on their tail. They manage to push infront and win the $50 to split between them both .They won $25 each for their families.

My mosaic

My mosaic is of a beach it has shells , a sea and some shells. We put cement in it after we hade finshed puttind the tiles in the tub.

My clay face

My clay face was made for the class wiki. In it I'm wearing a hat some glasses and a pink top.


At the swimming charnival i won junior girl campion.

My prezi

my prezi was made in text typs it has a lierick, a poem and a recount.