APA/APE Update

July 2014

Leadership Changes

As SHAPE America continues their reorganization, the structure of the former APAC continues to evolve. There will be four Councils within SHAPE. There will be eight appointed members on each council. These council members serve as voices for the entire SHAPE organization and generate and assist with needs to advance SHAPE's mission. These eight council representatives are selected based on professional contributions, recommendations, geographical area, and fair sociological representation.

Also within SHAPE America, there will be "Special Interest Groups". Each special interest group will select a leadership team and will provide SHAPE with one primary contact person. The structure and function of the special interest groups is still being decided.

It should be understood that the eight representatives for each council have not been selected as a representative for a special interest group. Their position is to serve the organization as whole, not to be the 'voice' for only one group or another.

I have been asked to serve on the Physical Education Council. As a current leader for the APE/APA Special Interest Group, there is a conflict of interest if I serve in both positions. I subsequently have decided to accept the position on the Physical Education Council and step down from my leadership position within the APE/APA group. Cindy Piletic (C-Piletic@wiu.edu) will now be the primary contact person for the APE/APA group. The others serving on the leadership team are Garth Tymeson (gtymeson@uwlax.edu) and Michelle Grenier (Michelle.Grenier@unh.edu). We are currently recruiting to have a practitioner representative on the leadership team as well.

SOOOO...this will be my last APE/APA update. I encourage you to contact me with questions or concerns related to SHAPE America. I will remain in close contact with the APE/APA group in order to serve all SHAPE members effectively.

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Below are the initiatives our group is focusing on:

  • Continued advocacy for SHAPE to publish the disclaimer and proper utilization statements about the APEAS on its website and among current users.
  • Inclusion of APE and APA as categories within future presentation proposals.
  • Development of a position statement on APE Assessment Tools and appropriate use of each of these tools.
  • Development of APE Technology Webinars.
  • Development of a position statement on instruction for students with low incidence disabilities.
  • Continued collaboration among SHAPE and APE Legislative leaders.
  • Research feasibility of establishment of validity and reliability for the APEAS-II.
  • Consistent collaboration between SHAPE and NCPEID.
  • Provision of a justification statement for the retention of the APE Program Recognition and Promising Professional Awards.
  • Reformatting of the Awards Breakfast or gathering at the national convention.
  • Revision of the Eligibility Position Statement.
  • Provision of training for those interested in serving in advocacy roles (reviewing sessions, developing manuscripts, serving on committees) at the national convention.
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We Need You!

Would you like to help advocate for the field of APE/APA? Then let SHAPE know! Fairly soon there will be an 'all call' for people to submit their names as a volunteer and a description of their expertise. If you are a SHAPE member, please watch your emails for this link. If you submit it, when committees are forming to review proposals, develop materials, make recommendations, you will be considered.
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Mark Your Calendars!

NCPEID Annual Conference

Thursday, July 17th, 6pm to Saturday, July 19th, 5pm

1960 Chain Bridge Rd

McLean, VA

The National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities (NCPEID) mission is to promote research, professional preparation, service delivery, and advocacy of Physical Education for individuals with disabilities.


NAFAPA Symposium

Thursday, Oct. 16th, 3pm to Saturday, Oct. 18th, 6pm

500 S State St

Ann Arbor, MI

Please consider attending the 2014 North American Federation of APA on October 16-18 at the U of Michigan in Ann Arbor. More than 150 presentations including keynotes, posters, and verbal presentations have currently been accepted. There will also be at least 8 research proposal presentations from masters students who are planning research, which gives them an opportunity to receive feedback on their proposals prior to starting the study. This should be a great attendance and symposium!

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Tech Tip of the Month

Do you take pictures and videos of your students progress to share with IEP team members? Visual portfolios are a fabulous way to exhibit student accomplishments and advocate for programs! If you are collecting visual evidence (pictures and videos), you may have struggled to get those transferred to your computer. Below are two solutions for this problem.

The Simple Transfer Pro App provides a fast way to move pictures and videos wirelessly from an iPhone or iPad app to a computer. See the review below.

Image Capture is a fantastic and FAST way to harvest large files from your device to your MAC. Instructions are below.


Best IPhone and IPad Photo and Video Transfer App of 2012 ( Photo Transfer App Review)
Importing Photos Using Image Capture (MacMost Now 559)
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Low Incidence Activity of the Month ~ Skee Bounce

Skee Bounce

Created By: Kristi Roth, PhD

Spread the word! We currently have 95 members of this listserv. Feel free to recruit!

If you would like to join the group, you may enroll by clicking HERE.

You may be removed from this list by emailing Kristi Roth, subject line: UNSUBSCRIBE, at kroth@uwsp.edu.

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