Help Your Credit Score

Whats your credit Rate ?

Knowing what you credit rate is ?

Learn different ways to make you credit better and make your life easier. The road to success involves credit .

What is Credit ?

Credit is the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before a payment , based on the trust that the payment would be paid in the future. Credit is great to have because when you don't have any money at the time , you can still purchase items. It good to maintain good credit because you may want to buy a house, a car , or start a business but your individual credit score will affected your ability to get those things without having to pay right at the moment .

Whats credit score and why its important?

Credit score is a three digit number calculated from your data-rich credit report and is one factor used by lenders to determined your credit worthiness for a mortgage loan or credit card. Your score can affect whether you approved or not .
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whats is good and bad credit score ?

A good credit score means that its between 650-750 which means lenders how not really expect a problem with paying money back. A bad credit score is when its under 600 meaning that you can barely get things ahead of time without paying right then.
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How can I improve my credit score ?

You can pay your bills on time and keep balances low on credit cards . You can also apply for and open new accounts only as needed . Most of all you need to pay of your debit it would improve your credit score.

If i have a good credit score ? How could i maintain a good credit score ?

Keep track of your spending and don't exceed your credit limit on lines of credit and credit cards. Almost have a emergency fund and you have to pay what you owe. You need to make timely payments and be organized.