Me and My Dad's Loving Bond

A journey through the life of Arturo Villanueva

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The Military

My father is a proud military man and is now retired. He loved traveling and flying with his squad. He is proud and respected for his service.
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The Navy

He was able to start his love of aviation into a career when he got into the navy. He worked in a engine shop for 4 years. He got to travel to a lot of places in the world and experience different cultures and cuisines. It wasn't the most thrilling for him but, he got to go to the air force and pursue what he loves.
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The Air National Guard

My dad love to fly with his air squadron. He was the one to fix up the C-130 when it got damaged. He was deployed quite a lot to the Middle East and that is where he developed PTSD. He had to go through therapy and come back to civilian life.