Band Notes Week 6

September 20-24, 2021

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Week 6 Highlights

This week is a almost like 'the calm before the storm'. There are so many events coming up we hope you had a chance to review the paperwork we sent home at the end of week 4. If your student still has it in their band binder you can view it by CLICKING HERE.

End of 6 Weeks: Our students have objectives and a practice Journal on their stand sign. This Friday marks the end of the page and we ask that EVERY student show their parents and parents sign the Practice Journal. You may have noticed that your child is not practicing much at home. This is a great reminder that the ultimate goal is about 20 minutes 5-6 days a week. Sometimes they try to say that they are 'practicing fingerings', but they need to be making NOISES on their mouthpieces or instruments for it to count!

Fundraiser: It is our fundraiser kick-off on Friday! (NO INSTRUMENTS ON FRIDAY) We will not be playing as every class will have a presentation by Ms. Denise- our fundraising empress from Big Kahuna Fundraising Company. It is always a fabulous day as I have known Denise for about 15 years and she is awesome with all our students! If you did not know, the band program is limited to one major fundraiser (this is it!) and this year it is incredibly important since last year we did not collect any band fees. Be looking for more information to come home on Friday about how you can help. Whether you purchase something from the catalogue, online, or just make a donation, we hope every family participates in whatever works for your family.

We need candy!!!

We have our first Sticker Party this Friday afterschool. It will be after school from 3:50-3:55. This is a five minute 'walk through' party to recognize students who have passed off their objectives and earned the most stickers in their class. While this is primarily a beginning band thing, advanced band members are welcome to come through also!

WE NEED CANDY! We love to pass out candy at this short party. We will purchase candy, but any donations are greatly appreciated. The more candy we have the more we get to pass out!

p.s.- yes, that is Mr. Wood in the picture at one of our previous sticker parties...

All Forms/Money is Due!

One of our least favorite things is tracking families down for missing fees! If your family has yet to pay for their band fees or t-shirts we will be forced to not allow your student to participate in our upcoming reward trips (even when we 'do not charge' for events they usually cost our booster club funds and the band fee helps cover this expense). We will also not be able to pass out a t-shirt or polo if your family has not paid for one.

If your family is struggling financially please be sure you reach out to your child's director. We know this has been a challenging time for many and we do not want your child to miss out.

Honor & Symphonic Band Football Paperwork

We have a busy few weeks coming up for our 7th and 8th graders in HB and SB. Our paperwork we passed out a couple weeks ago is due Tuesday 9/21. CLICK HERE to download another copy. Please note that the 'tally sheet' is incredibly important as our students are BUSY and this helps us know which students to expect in the stands and who is excused.

This is a REQUIRED event and is our first performance grade of the day. If you will not be at any of the upcoming events please fill out the Band Absence Request Form found at

Honor & Symphonic Band Sectionals

(7th and 8th Graders ONLY- beginning band please skip this section)

Some of our students are having a hard time remembering when their sectional time is. Please note that this is one of the very few ways your child can fail our class. We do not want band to cause any student to become ineligible for athletics or other opportunities this year! Please encourage your student to continue to come to sectionals and make up any time they have missed.

Morning sectionals take place from 7:25-8:15 and after school sectionals take place from 3:55-4:40. Click here to view sectional schedule.

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  • Friday 9/24- Fundraiser Kick Off day!
  • Monday 9/27- 8th Grade Football Performance (Link)
  • Tuesday 9/28- FISD Marching Showcase Event (Link)
  • Friday 10/1- High School Combine Night (MHS Link) (FHS Link)
  • Monday 10/4- Pep Rally During School (Advanced Band Only)
  • Tuesday 10/5- Beginning Band Concert (Link)

Future Spirit Nights
  • Wednesday 10/26- Crush Taco Spirit Night
  • Oct 24-Nov 6- Recycle 2 Support

Director Contact Info

Mr. Chad Wood- Director of Bands:

  • Symphonic Band (3rd period)
  • Beginning Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium & Tuba
  • Any general questions about band, private lessons, or financial aid

Andi Webb- Assistant Director:

  • Honor Band (4th period)
  • Beginning Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, and Saxophone
  • Any instrument, materials, or repair questions

Mr. Stephen Seymour- Percussion Director:

  • Honor and Symphonic Band Percussion specific questions
  • Beginning Percussion class
  • Supplies, rentals, and percussion private lesson questions