Digital Citizenship

YOUR digital IDENTITY matters

Ways To Be A Digital Citizen

Be pro-active

You can create a digital footprint that represents what you want . Begin today to make a difference on line by posting all the positive that you do. Create a blog that celebrates all the wonderful things you have to say.

Be positive

You can start tweeting today. What you say can make a difference post positively to the hashtag

Be authentic

Be yourself online and off.

Digital Citizenship Thoughts

We know students ARE online

What we want students to know:

  • Being online can make a positive difference in their life. Students throughout the world are doing great things online
  • Act on and off line as if the world is watching because they are
  • Learn all you can about being a good digital citizen. Google digital citizenship
  • Act with integrity on and off line
  • Be aware of your digital identity google yourself
  • Research creative commons and be able to explain it to a younger student
  • You can build a positive reputation on line
  • You can be a positive creator
  • Your reputation is created by YOU