Purple bread: A New Superfood?

Amanda Herzog

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Written by: Jenni Marsh

Found at: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/17/health/purple-bread/index.html

Published on: March 18, 2016

Article Summary

In this article, Professor Zhou Weibiao from the National University of Singapore delves into the issue of white bread and it impact on our attempts at dieting. In recent studies, this article states that white bread has been found to be digested too quickly, which in turn spikes blood sugar and can be linked to obesity. Zhou's solution was to come up with a recipe for purple bread. In his revolutionary recipe, he chooses ingredients that are all natural compounds, which allows the bread to be digested 20% slower. He managed this by infusing the antioxidant qualities from black rice into his bread. This antioxidant is called anthocyanin; and is what give the bread its purple color. And not only does the infused anthocyanin give the bread its violet hue, it also retains 80% of its antioxidant qualities in the breadfruits and crumbs when the bread is baked at 200 degrees celsius. Anthocyanin is a naturally occurring substance that can be found in different fruits and vegetables.

"Studies have shown that anthocyanins can help prevent cardiovascular and neurological diseases and cancer, and play a role in controlling obesity and diabetes, as they can inhibit digestive enzymes and reduce glucose levels." (Marsh).

While the number of calories in this purple bread have not changed, the difference in the speed of digestion should be enough to sway anyone to the purple side.

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Article Critique

The author of this article is Jenni Marsh. She is a British editor and feature writer who now works as a features producer for CNN.com in Hong Kong. Her work has been published on and in many different press articles including the South China Morning Post, the Daily Mail, the Independent, and the Guardian to name a few. She studied at the Wits University China Africa Reporting project, and continues to research China-Africa relations from a human interest perspective. As for the sponsor of the article, CNN is a well known news agency. Naturally they have many people all over the world writing articles for them, people like Jenni Marsh. CNN is normally known to be reliable when it comes to news stories, especially when it comes to important happenings in the middle east and across the world. Personally, I think CNN is a very reliable source of information because they are so well known, and would look very bad if they posted something that was not credible. This article was written very simply, which I think was very important for this article because its wasn't aimed to be written for people in the medical field who would understand complex nutrition vocabulary. Knowing that the audience was supposed to be the general public, I think it was very well written. All the new concepts were explained in detail to ensure that anyone reading could understand. The science behind the claim that this purple bread is better stands up; and is a very interesting concept. Overall, I feel that this article is a reliable source of information and I would trust CNN.com for future reliable articles.


Marsh, J. (2016, March 18). Purple bread: A new superfood? Retrieved April 08, 2016, from http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/17/health/purple-bread/index.html