University Elementary at La Fiesta

Principal Lunde's Weekly Update

Aug. 17 2020 Updates

The learning is happening! Please review your child’s Welcome Letter and the Supply Bag for when your child is meeting and working with his teacher. Students are expected to participate and engage with the class during the designated times. IF the child/family schedule needs flexibility, please refer to the teacher letter and due date expectations. We are seeking to provide enough structure yet with flexibility to meet family needs while building the critical thinking skills of your child. Attendance and participation will be measured by logging in and demonstrating understanding when work is submitted.

Taking Charge of My Learning!

What Does It Mean....Take Charge Of My Learning? Own My Learning?

Student agency, or owning my learning, refers to the level of autonomy and power that a student experiences in the learning environment. Student voice and agency are intrinsically linked. Agency gives students the power to direct and take responsibility for their learning, creating independent and self-regulating learners.

By reflecting upon her work with inquiry-based learning and project based learning, a student develops confidence to take charge in his learning thus increasing content depth and practical application of skills understanding.

Use the questions above to support your children to recognize their learning power. Be sure to emphasize the relevance of what is being learned, ask the learner to expand thinking or share another way the idea could be shown or explained. Use "mistakes" as opportunities to plan next steps and model your own coping when something goes differently than you expected.

YOU & the PTA!

Did you know the PTA believes that every child at UELF is a curious and creative problem-solver? Our PTA targets supporting inquiry and project-based learning. This vision is supported by the thoughtful fundraising we do and creative community events that we organize. This is a fabulous team to be part of. There are many ways that you can be part of the PTA. Which ones on the list work best for you?
  • Become a voting member of the PTA!
  • Participate in PTA events, like the Walk-a-Thon or attend the meetings
  • Be a partner with someone to lead an event, like Dine & Donate
  • Be the leader of an event, like the membership drive
  • Take on the role of President or secretary to join the Executive Board

All of these roles are what make our community grow and get stronger. If every parent and family member of a student at our school finds one to participate, then the learning community for the students will fulfill the vision of learning that we seek to have here.

Join PTA today!

All School Morning Jump & Jive

Monday, Aug. 17th, 8-8:30am

This is an online event.

All School Kinesthetic Math

Tuesday, Aug. 18th, 3-3:30pm

This is an online event.

Arts & Reads

Wednesday, Aug. 19th, 12:30-1pm

This is an online event.

Listen to the story, Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andrede, then revisit your My Head is Full of Colors Art Piece. Are there ideas you need to add? Submit your art at the office, email it to Mrs. Lunde at, or use the

Join on GoogleMeet

Weekly Family Meeting with Mrs. Lunde

Thursday, Aug. 20th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

ALL School Assembly

Friday, Aug. 28th, 1:30pm

This is an online event.

All School Assembly Through GoogleMeet