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Weekly Newsletter - September 9, 2019

Hope and Self-Leadership

Did you know that when leaders and teams have hope they are more creative, productive, and happy? Hope is even more important than IQ and studies have shown that hope can be worth a whole letter grade for students and an additional hour of productivity everyday in the workforce.

Hope is different than wishing. Hope is creating memories for the future and is defined by being half optimism and half efficacy. Having a positive outlook, being mindful, and curious while creating the pathways and strategies to reach goals is the magic combination to creating hope. Not only is this important for your self-leadership journey, but great for your teams, parents, and students.

This information is from a video by Gallop's Shane Lopez. If you are interested in learning more click here and fast forward about 8 minutes in. It's lengthy, but worth it if you have the time.

Have a great week!
Your Student Services Team

PBIS Academy 1

In an effort to continue to support your Student Culture leadership teams we will provide a PBIS Academy I. This 4 half-day academy is designed to embed coaching, resources, and networking opportunities throughout this school year for your Student Culture school leads.

PBIS Leadership Academy 1 will be on the following dates:

All four sessions are a part of Academy 1 and are from 1:00-4:00 each day we meet. It is designed for your Student Culture teacher and admin leads, or even your whole team. We train in the following areas:

* overall components of school-wide PBIS,

* student culture data collection and analysis,

* how to work with adults,

* how to be a Student Culture leader on campus,

* restorative practices and SEL integration,

* and much more.

If you have new leads on your Student Culture teams or you are a new schoolwide PBIS campus this year, PBIS Academy I is designed for your teams. The only cost is the four 1/2 day subs for each participant. Please have your new PBIS leads/team sign up in Eduphoria/Strive when they get a chance.

Educational Resources

One of the components with our issues regarding Vapes is the low perception of harm by the students and parents. As you work with students and families, here are some links and courses you may find helpful as you work to educate and correct behavior. Bookmark the pages below when you get a chance, so you can access them quickly in the future. Thanks!

Stanford Medicine - Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

KISD Resources

Updates and Information

  • For transportation issues and questions you may call Jim Koons (618)709-2110 or Cliff Scott (737) 300-7020 directly. If you are struggling with a situation that is not being resolved, please contact Student Services.

  • On September 26th at 10:00 we will have our first Education Support Webinar. The agenda includes: Required At Risk Training - Assessment Update - Student Culture Update. Click on the zoom meeting link to access the webinar. Please keep in mind it is the expectation you know the information presented in these webinars.

  • All the required ROCK Training PowerPoint have been posted to the Student Services Site under ROCK and training. All teacher, student, and staff training must be completed by Oct. 25, 2019. Click here to access all the pieces of training and the attestation form.

  • FYI - When working with discipline referrals, please be sure the top of all DR's are filled out by certified staff. If a para reports an issue then the AP would take the information and fill out the DR. As you know the second part of all DR's needs to be completed by the AP and then the data clerk enters the information within 5 days of the incident.

  • Be sure to review the Silent Agenda from our AP meetings this past week for important information. Here is the link.

Upcoming Dates

  • Oct. 7th 1:00- 4:00: If you missed the Sept. 9th Discipline Referral Do’s and Don’ts and Legal Department Orientation, you have one more opportunity. This is required training for all new AP’s and is an optional training for existing AP’s. Both topics will be covered on October 7th. Oct. 7 link
  • September 16th - October 4th - R.O.C.K. gear sales. Products will be on this website.
  • September 19th - Threat Assessment Training for all new AP's, Counselors, and SRO's. If you feel you need a refresher, please sign up and join us. Click here for link to sign up
  • September 26th from 2:15 to 4:15: If you are a new AP and you missed the first day of AP Onboarding, please plan to attend this training. Workshop Link: #40862 - HR Conf. Room. Please use the link to sign up.
  • September 27 is the end of School-Start window for 7-12 grade campuses. Students who were coded as a dropout (98) for 2018-2019 must be enrolled in another educational setting by this date otherwise they will be counted as a dropout against your campus for accountability.

More Professional Development for You!

It's normal to think of what you do or plan to do for a living as a profession, a career, or a job. The problem with those labels is that they're limiting--they don't tell the complete story. Mr. Kafele suggests that you look beyond these labels and consider what you do to be a mission. Question 3: Do I treat my leadership as a mission rather than as a career?

Click on the following link to give your input:

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