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June 3, 2016


Saturday, June 4 - Slackwood Picnic and Auction 11-1

Monday, June 6 - Unity Day for 3rd Grade at LIS

Wednesday, June 8 - Recorder Concert (No Parents), BOE mtg 7PM at the HS

Did You Know.....

Each week I try to call out one thing about our school or staff that parents and students may not know...

The Slackwood PTO raises and donates over $10,000 a year to Slackwood Students and activities.

Finish Strong

As we get closer to the end of the school year the students start to get antsy and the teachers do to. We are being very diligent about finishing the year strong and continuing the learning until the last day. The teachers are being creative and trying to make learning fun so the students don't even know that the end of the school year is upon them. Hopefully, as parents, you can reinforce how important it is to use the last couple of weeks of school to continue to work and learn and have fun.
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Slackwood Art Show is Awesome

With great art work and great ideas, the Slackwood students were able to exhibit their artistic talent this week. Ms. Lee-You helped the students show off their work and gave them the inspiration as the art showed allowed each student to show their creativity in a variety of medium. From 3rd grade to preschool there were several types of work including clay, painting, drawing and three-d work. Ms. Lee-You prepared the docents as they gave tours and showed of the work and it was a great day at Slackwood.

One of the best things that I noticed was that almost all of the art was tied to an author or book or a famous artist. Did you notice that too?

See below for some great pictures of the ART!

News 6/3

Healthy Birthday Treats

I have to say it just one more time...Please try to follow district health guidelines when sending in treats for your children. Guidelines say that we can not serve items where sugar is the first ingredient.

Each teacher celebrates birthdays differently and it's not our job to even celebrate but we try to acknowledge birthdays. I'm still seeing those store bought cupcakes with piled high icing coming in for student birthdays. We spend a lot of time teaching our students about healthy living practices and it is hard when we don't model these practices by giving them healthy snacks. Let's try to do better! Thank you!

Slackwood Elementary School

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