Fear of the Dark

The Beginning

Nyctophobia is the most common fear for kids of all ages. For children, it is considered a norm to be frightened of the dark, for their imaginations are known to run wild. Very similar to this trait, adults with this phobia let their mind create every worst scenario about what awaits them in the dark, thus worsening the condition. While some may be able to simply outgrow this fear, others hold onto it, perhaps from one too many scary bedtime stories.

A Closer Look

While this fear may seem trivial at first, it is very debilitating to simple life tasks. Suddenly sleeping alone, walking upstairs at night, or to your car at night, is a serious struggle that creates many of the same symptoms as anxiety.

Overcoming It

  • Therapy, hypnotherapy
  • Anxiety medication is recommended to those who face panic attacks due to the fear
  • Nightlights


  • Scary movies are often responsible for the traumatic experience that created the phobia
  • In Long Island, there is a haunted house named 'Nyctophobia'
  • Nyctophobia can also be referred to as; lygophobia, scoot phobia, or achluophobia