Heather Hutchison

About me


My hobbies are swiming, danceing, sleeping and eatting a lot


I do swim team, run track, I'm in womens choir.

I take dance and voice lessons at In The Light Performing Arts Center. But in like a mounth or so, im quitting at In The Light and im gonna start going to Mia's.

And i just recently started learning how to play the violin.

When I grow up

When I grow up i want to be a Medical Assistant

My Holiday Break

My break was very stressful and tiring. I had swim practice every morning all break except for the actual holiday. My family ended up having christmas at my house, and we had mexican food for christmas dinner and i hate mexican. And for new years none of my plans worked out they way i wanted so i ended up going to this thing at IHOPU and it was REALLY BORING