Nathan Jackson 1-11-16 7th

Growing as a Students

Over the semester I been really getting better as a student. With many things to help me get better with school such as Cornell Notes, TRF, Tutorials, and so on. Now im becoming better than what I have ever been.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking really helped me with spreaking up and talking louder with a clearier voice. Also with not being nervous and being able to look at everyone and speak at the same time. Public Speaking has really helped with not just school but many other things too.


This is something else that really helped me when I was having troubles. Like this is when I can get help from other people and teachers when Im having trouble. This was a really big impact to my school work with helping me with work and other stuff.

Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes have really helped with school for like when I need to study for a test or something like that and when I need to remember something . But Cornell Notes have really helped me with my test and ever since I learned how to use them i be getting A's and B's on my test.


Over the semester TRF really has helped me with school and learning from others. Like when I'm having troubles with stuff. Its really helped with my troubles.

Writing Skills

Writing Skills has really helped me be more organized with my writing and being able to read my notes and stuff. This helped me study better and know what to do on my test and stuff.

How Will I Grow Next Semester

Me growing next semester will be better now cause I will have all these skills to help me on my work and to get my education. Now I can have good grades and pass all my classes cause of thses skills.