Let's Make a Difference Together

Think Pink Boutique is OPEN!

100% Net Procedes from the PINK boutique will Support the Noreen Fraser Foundation

This is the second year in a row that Stella & Dot has partnered with the Noreen Fraser Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last year (2012), we raised over $185,000 for breast cancer research and early detection. Funds raised last year helped NFF fund a lab at UCLA's Johnson Comprehensive Cancer Center so that researchers there can test a cutting edge new epigenetic therapy for breast cancer. In Canada, NFF provided the University of Alberta with a grant so doctors there could test a new radiation therapy for women with early stage breast cancer.

Want to Do MORE?

Let's do a Trunk Show!!!
Day or night, in your home, in the office, online or out at your favorite gathering place...
Let's have fun and share the latest styles while doing some good together!

If you currently have a non-profit organization you are passionate about and would like to partner in fundraising efforts I'd love to help.
One of my missions is to utilize my resources through Stella & Dot to help "do good" for others.

Message me for open dates in October and November....