Cancun is a place that I want to go before I die. This is a city in the country of Mexico. It’s located on North America. It has many tropical beaches. In my paper, I will tell you about Cancun and why I want to go there. Also I will tell you about the culture and interesting facts.

Do you want to know a couple reasons why I want to go to Cancun? Here are some reasons I want to go to Cancun, Mexico before I die. First of all, they have year round sunshine and I´ve never gone to a place with the sunshine the whole year, also it's warm because it´s by the equator. It´s a beautiful place, and on the internet I found pictures of pretty tropical beaches. In Cancun's pictures it looks like a really neat place to visit. The top reason I want to go to Cancun is I´ve never gone out of the country. In my opinion, there is a lot to see and do by the beaches of Cancun. These are some reasons why I want to go to Cancun.

Do you think Cancun is different from our culture? In my opinion, Cancun has different from our culture. Here are some awesome culture facts of Cancun. First, a lot of people in Cancun speak Spanish. What I think is really cool about Cancun is they have a jazz festival every May. Something I didn't know is 89% of the people in Cancun are Catholic. These are three reasons that show Cancun has a different culture than us.

Do you want to know three awesome facts about Cancun? One reason is today over half a million people live there! That's more than the biggest city in Iowa. Do you want to know something awesome? Around 140 hotels are there, and there are a lot of rooms in the hotels. There are 340 places to eat. I think the coolest fact about Cancun is the name before Cancun was “Ekab”. These are only a few awesome facts about Cancun.

I hoped you liked learning about Cancun. If someday I get to visit Cancun it will make my eyes pop because I’ve never seen a place like it. Cancun is one of the most popular spring break places for everybody that like enjoying the nice warm sun. Sometime I want to see this huge and magnificent place.