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Happy Holidays! Week of December 14-18

Fast as Fast Can Be You Will Never Catch Me!

We were lucky this year! Although the Gingerbread Men tried to get away we were able to keep them close by! Students have had so much fun creating Gingerbread boy and girl stories, listening to Gingerbread Man tales, and building Gingerbread houses! Although our Gingerbread house was more about the process and not the product it was interesting and to watch our students brainstorm ways to build their houses. Some took the triangle shaped option which worked well for some, others chose a flat version and focused more on the details of the house. We used cran-raisins, square pretzels, cream cheese, almonds (for some), a few small marshmallows, sunflower seeds, and organic sprinkles to add details to our gingerbread houses. We enjoyed eating our houses and tried to vote on which one we liked best however almost everyone was partial to their own creation. True Artists!
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Happy Holidays From All Of Us At TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool.

As 2015 comes to a close, we want to reflect on this wonderful year of natural play and to thank you, from all of us, at TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts for an amazing year of play and learning. May 2016 inspire all of us for a new year of play and learning. Happy Holidays from our Teaching Team to you, your families, your communities and learning organizations.
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Thank You

Thank you Mota Family for shopping off our Amazon wish list! Stella Bunny loves her new grass mat. Our little artists are very excited to use the new paint brushes in the Art Studio (Atelier).

Thank you Weiss Family for our New Singing Bowl to add to our yoga experience!!!!!

Thank you to the Botschner, Pardee and VanBlarcom families for the gifts made with LOVE!

Thank you Arp Family for the goodies and tervis

Thank you Stephanie, Sebastian, and Ryder for our lovely gift

Thank you Remmers family for our gift from 2 fabulous countries!

Thank you Sprague family for the gift cards!

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Teaching Team Amazon Wish List

Teaching Team Wish List

For the Holidays!

Dear Santa Baby and TerraNichol Parents,

The Teaching Team at TerraNichol Academy has been very nice this school year. As well as Stella Bunny and Valentino. We have spread love, kindness, happiness and patience. We have worked as a team to support and aid our environment by providing our students the education to raise the Earth and not hurt the earth. We stay healthy and eat our growing vegetables and food. We have provided an enriching, creative, safe and nurturing learning lab environment for our students to thrive in their developmental skills. Most of all we love what we do, shaping minds of our future citizens of the world.

We hope you will spread the love and happiness back to us this holiday season by providing some of the items on our AMAZON wish list. We would rather give back to our learning environment with new materials then to have gifts for ourselves. Look even Stella Bunny and Valentino have a Santa Wish list!




Calling all boxes

We know that many of you may be receiving packages this holiday season from the mail, or UPS. We are needing any broken down flat boxes that you may have for our school garden project which will begin in February! Please leave by outside the back gate when you drop them off.

Calling all Painters

We have a few projects around the campus that we are hoping to be completed. We are looking for volunteers for the following:

-painting our rain barrel on the playscape (see sample painted rain barrel as it would match the school building.)

-repainting the front chalkboard with chalkboard paint as well as retouching the wooden trim

-repainting our wooden welcome sign.

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Looking Ahead: Important Enrollment Information for 2016-2017 School Year

Enrollment for 2016-2017 School Year

Based on many inquiries to the school about new enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year we will be sending out re-enrollment for our existing students and siblings early in February.Typically we do this in March but because of the volume of interest for next year however we need to evaluate space in the program for new incoming students. Be on the watch for information coming out to all families in February.

Re-enrollment forms and Registration Fee submitted by the deadline will guarantee the student's space for the upcoming school year.

Registration is $375.

Developmental Student Checklist and Goals.

It's that time! Developmental checklists will be sent out via email after the first of the year.

Around the 18th of January.

Miss Terra and Miss Michelle has been working on collecting observational notes, photographs, videos, project panel boards, and learning lab participation and working with each student to assess their learning styles. These tools are the basis for the checklists. We are sure that you will find this developmental checklist both useful and insightful as to how your child learns, activities that they are participating in, and interests while here at school. It will also provide you with much information about your child's skill level as demonstrated at school. The skills are formatted from the Department of Early Childhood Education and are in alignment with our Florida's Next Generation Sunshine Standards. It is important when reviewing this checklist that you realize how a child learns within a group setting may be different than in a one on one setting at home. When reading the checklist you should note that the skills listed should be demonstrated by the conclusion of this school year.

With that in mind you will see a range of beginning skill level to master skill level. Mastery means that students demonstrate the skill close to 100% of the time without needing any assistance. It is important that you read the Master Teacher Teams comments at the bottom of the checklist. Miss Terra and Miss Michelle also took time to highlight to let you know how we have observed your child learning and how they learn best. Incorporating these ideas at home will benefit your child's learning style and progress. The second notation section will let you know the teaching teams short term goals and the skills we are most diligently working towards. We ask that you support our goals and work towards them as well at home to provide consistency between home and school.

We thank you for your continued support of the program.

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Sneak Peek of January Learning Labs

Happy 2016! We are so eager to begin our newly set up learning labs and projects when we return in January. A Winter Wonderland awaits as we learn about polar bears, penguins, weather patterns, snow and ice.

The creativity bug will strike when we return inspiring us for International Creativity Month. The students will be showing their artistic sides in both the indoor and outdoor learning labs. The dot project will be in full effect this week as students leave their mark in the atelier (art studio), creating paintings using a variety of materials to make prints. Outdoors students will use watercolors and caps to create colorful paintings. Students will also work as a group on large dot murals called our One Dot Cooperative Mural. Students are encouraged to just make a mark and see where it takes you.

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Extremely Important Please Read!!!!

A very scary incident occurred in a local Sarasota Preschool this week that has been a fear of ours for quiet sometime. A student choked on a hair clip during nap time. Luckily the student was okay but this is a very concerning situation. Many students have the habit of placing their hair clips in their mouth and it only takes a quick moment for this situation to turn serious. As a precaution our policy is going to be all hair clips will go into the students lunch boxes prior to nap. We don't want to have to not allow them to be worn at school but if it continues to become an issue we may not have a choice. The very last thing that we want to happen is for someone to choke.

School Email: terranicholacademy@gmail.com

TerraNichol Academy of The Arts will be closed for Winter Break from December 19th-January 3rd, 2016. All emails and phone messages will be returned on Wednesday January 6th, 2016. As we will be supporting the return of our students after break and our new students starting in January.

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