How would you spend $1,000,000

what is air pollution


  • Atoms are the tiny particles that make up all matter in the universe

  • A thick smog formed in London during the late 1800's. It was called the Pea Soup Fog.

  • The biggest single air polluter is road transport such as cars.

  • Air pollution in the United States has improved since the introduction of the clean air act.

  • The city with the worst air pollution in the United States is Los Angeles

How we would spend $1,000,000 if it was awarded to us?

If our group won the $1,000,000 we would donate it to a factory that is called Works Man Cycles and they makes bicycles . I want to give the money to them so they make more bikes. So more people could ride a bike to school and less cars and buses will be used. This way there will be a lot less air pollution. If we all have bad air then we can't breath at all. and our population would go down. This is why we should give the money to Works Wan Cycles.

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