Miss Maudie aka "Slugs"

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Miss Maudie's Opinions of Others

Scout : What I think about scout, I think that she is too much of a "Tomboy". She needs to learn more manners, and be more ladylike.

Jem : He's smart, and I'm just trying to let him understand how some men have different work ethics. Jem will become a good man like Atticus.

Dill : Is more of a person that loves to socialize, he can make friends easily. He also likes to have fun,he's kind of like a "young party animal".

Atticus : I have a huge amount of respect for Atticus. He's the same in his house as he is on the public streets. Atticus as lawyer is the same way, he knows how to keep a jury going in a serious case, Atticus takes he's job serious just as he take his kids.

Stephanie Crawford: Stephanie is the type of jealous girl in high school that gossip around about others. The only difference is that we are in a neighborhood and not in school, she gossip a lot about the Radley's. But the rumors are definitely not true, so I dislike her because of the fiction stories she tells.

Aurthr "Boo" Radley : Aurthur is a person that no one will understand. He doesn't like to come outside simply because he does not want to. When he was younger he smiled and he had always been happy. He's not dead like the rumors that are passed around the neighborhood.

Mr.Radley : The reason why he doesn't come outside is because he is very religious. He's the type that thinks of another world too much, and not the one he lives in now

Why has Harper Lee included miss Maudie as a main character?

Miss Maudie can explain to children and adults about the world. She is a symbol of a fair white community that's not rascist.

Student Response

Miss Maudie explains to Scout in chapter 5 how she should see people she doesn't know of different. She respects mostly everyone, she is not rascist at all.