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Philosophy of Education

i'm too bipolar for this. i don't know what this is but i'm way too bipolar for it

the cool thing about brains is that they never stop developing. maybe not developing synapses, but they never stop making connections. it's more difficult to learn things as you get older but it is possible. education is the most valuable weapon a human being can have, more valuable than anything physical, because you can have a sword, but there's a really big difference between swordsmanship and just swinging the sword around with wild abandon. you could wind up cutting someone on accident or yourself if you're not properly trained. education is important because if you don't have basic knowledge of something you could wind up hurting yourself. you want to make sure that you cut people on purpose.

wow that was a really long-winded, confusing analogy. i'm sorry. i guess what i really meant was you want to make sure you know what you're doing? like you can't just go and be a neurosurgeon and not know how to read or do basic algebra.


English has always been a class that I’ve enjoyed, and this year was no exception. Not only does Ms. D act as an excellent teacher, she puts up with all my bull, which is a trait i appreciate. I really enjoyed being able to read a real book this year in class, along with having multiple media sources to look at to really get a grasp on the topics we were handling. I try to pay attention in class but for some reason my mental health has really taken a dive this past year (mentally ill? Nah, I’m mentally SICK [my brain skateboards in wearing sunglasses and does a kickflip]) and I’ve just had trouble with it? But it’s definitely something I need to work on outside of class. Other than that, though, in retrospect this class has been really fun and beneficial, and, quite frankly, unlike any other English class I’ve taken.

Even though we’ve only read a couple chapters I’m really loving the book we’re reading this year, All Quiet on the Western Front. It’s about a German soldier’s experience fighting in World War I, known back then as the Great War because nobody was psychic and they weren’t milking stories for sequels yet. WWI is a really unique war in the respect that it was so brutal. Everyone had shiny new weapons and they couldn’t wait to try them out on each other. Because it was a test run for everyone, a lot of people died, as a result of accidents, poor hygene, etc. Entire family names went extinct because of that war. It was just a bad time. For everyone. But some really beautiful pieces of art came out of it, like this book. Books like this are like snapshots of that period in history, from the author’s eyes. It’s pretty amazing to see the different perspectives of other human beings.

I've always enjoyed silent reading. It's a nice place to gather up my thoughts. I've been really loving JoJo's Bizarre Adventure lately, it's really complicated to explain but everyone is super buff and it makes you cry a lot. I've been able to do SSR sheets on it, which makes me really happy because I think the out-of-context summaries are really, really funny. I don't know why but out-of-context things just make me laugh. I'm still reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, but it's a brick and it gets really repetitive to just be reading one. Currently I'm also reading the beforementioned assigned English book, The Water Margin, a traditional Chinese legend, and Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, which is really relatable for me because she talks about her experience with coping with anxiety and a clusterfrack of other mental illnesses. I've been coping with various comorbid mental illnesses for a while and it's nice to read something that's so cathartic.


History this year, in one exclamation for me, was 'YOOOOOOOOOOOOO'. Mainly because Mr. Anderson is really knowledgeable and I'm able to talk with him about the various minutiae of the subject at hand, or just stuff in general. The way that he brings subjects and events to the table, I feel, really gets students engaged because it relates to current events and it's not exactly in chronological order. No offense to chronological order, but it can get pretty boring just focusing on the itty-bitty details and not just going over the big important events. And it's not really events that we cover, it's themes. Like the one they're doing now, War, focuses on multiple wars, but mainly on WWI because it was a real game changer, it was unique in the way that it combined new and old technologies. It's been a really fun year as far as history goes.

The Nativism thing was a really cool thing to learn about because the whole 'I'm better than you, I've been here longer' seems to be a recurring theme. Humans' pretension never ceases to fascinate me. Immigration in general was a really fascinating unit because a lot of the views some people had on immigrants nearly 150 years ago are really similar to the ones some people have of Mexicans today. Which kind of sucks. You'd think we'd have moved on by now. But y'know the old saying, those who are too proud to admit their faults are doomed to repeat them. That's not an old saying. I just made that up now. It's better than the other one IMO. Suck it, Morissey.

Another assignment, one that we had earlier this year, which I didn't necessarily 'enjoy' i.e. I didn't take delight or gusto in finding out about this, but I still found it interesting, was doing research on a genocide that wasn't the Holocaust. I found out about the Holodomor, when the Russians tried to starve the Ukrainians out in order to get them to join the USSR in the 1930s. They took away the great minds of Ukraine, along with the farmers and their leaders, and executed them. Without farms, there wasn't any food to give the people. Russia still denies that it happened, and only 25 countries admit it was a genocide. It's pretty horrible that people deny genocides, especially one that slow-burning.


Math this year didn't suck as much as I thought it would. I'm still completely horrible at math, and I don't think my attention span will help me get any better. Ms. McDonald has been really patient with me, though, and as someone who has plenty of math teacher horror stories that's something I can really appreciate because it helps me not hate math so much if I don't dread the person teaching it. She also lets me play her keyboard sometimes, and even though I only really learned the beginning of Once Upon A Time from Undertale it was really nice to just have something real to play.

I liked doing the tile patterns, which you can see on the back wall. As a visual learner anything where I get to draw something out is helpful. It was nice because I got to make the tile pattern into a shape I wanted, I chose a heart because I’m a piece of Undertale TRASH. I put a lot of thought into it because as previously stated I’m not too great at math, and I wanted it to form the shape at the end.

We did a lot of coloring geometric patterns in as well, which was pretty neat. Getting to experiment with color patterns and looking at the shapes really was engaging for me as far as my art brain and my (very small) math brain goes. It was a fun exercise to go along with the lesson and helped me focus a little bit more.


Toby Fox - UNDERTALE Soundtrack - 100 MEGALOVANIA by angrysausage
They told us to add a track that described our experience in school so I added Megalovania from Undertale because Sans is by far the hardest battle in-game. Flowey is preschool fodder compared to him. School, for me, is much like the Sans battle because I keep having to do it over and over again and if I make the slightest mistake it could very well be game over. Also Megalovania just gets me so pumped and I figure I might as well pick a track I like.

Rachael Elizabeth Midcap

i don't have any good pictures of myself so i put a picture of jolyne cujoh from jojo's bizarre adventure because she's basically me and i love her and she too is angry and way too bipolar for this

last year i seemed really sure of myself but now i have absolutely no idea what i want to do with my life. everything feels unoriginal and like i'm copying someone else. i'm gonna be a camp counselor this year which is a really fun shift in perspective for me. if the world were a person i would punch them. i'm going to punt my bottle of ssri's into the sun.