My Life in 10 years

Alexis Martinez

Timeline of goals/accomplishments

Good grades:

do pre-ap classes and have good grades my sophomore, junior, and senior year

Graduate High School:

I hope to graduate with either an academic or beach volleyball scholarship.

Get into a good college:

I would like to get into a school in California.


Play my four years in college and play in tournaments and national qualifiers.


Figure out what I want to major in, probably something in medicine.


Graduate with good grades and hopefully not have to go longer than 4 years.

living on my own:

Find a really cool house, possibly really close to the beach.


meet someone and get married.

5 things that could derail me

  1. Getting lazy and letting my grades drop in high school to where I don't get into a college I want.
  2. Hanging out with the wrong group of people that will cause me to stray away from my goals
  3. Getting into a bad relationship where you end up changing your whole plan and goals so you can be with that person
  4. Not taking my health seriously; eat bad, not exercise, and become lazy to where I can't play beach volleyball
  5. Getting lazy in college and flunk my work to where I lose my scholarship and either get kicked out or drop out of college

5 musts for my success

  1. Keeping my goals and values in line and not let anyone prevent or change them
  2. Keep a close relationship with my family and take their opinions of my goals and choices in life to heart
  3. Don't get mixed up with the wrong people who can get you into bad stuff and lead you down a dark road
  4. Always do what makes me happy. Don't change your plans and goals just so others can be happy
  5. Work. Don't get lazy and take the easy road. Work for my accomplishments and achieve my goals!