Lineville Intermediate


  1. In the I Movie app you can make big movies or smaller movies about an important point or just for fun.
  2. iMovie is also good for school projects and recording the change of plants or animals overtime.
  3. Another good thing is that if you have a fun or scary part in your movie you can add certain sound effects to make it sound better.
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  1. You can make mini presentations with pictures.
  2. It's also great for little video clips in your presentation.
  3. In this app you can have back round music.

Haiku Deck

  1. Haiku Deck is an app made for people to make presentations for work or for fun.
  2. They have a wide variety of amazing background.
  3. You can pick themes or you can also put pictures as your background.

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Explain Everything

  1. Explain Everything is a great app for making presentation.
  2. With the special features of recording your voice and taking live videos.
  3. One other good thing about Explain Everything is that they have a lot of good tools such as drawing,text and you can also import picture.

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Go Animate

  1. In Go Animate you can make mini animated movies for businesses or for fun.
  2. You can make a movie with different settings and different groups of charterers.
  3. You can also have a wide variety of props.

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