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Should students be able to listen to music during study hall

I believe that students should be able to listen to music while studying.

studies show that music can improve logical thinking

Studies show that subjects show better results on test while listening to calming, relaxing, music when compared to a no-music condition. Music is proven to make logical thinking easier. Classical music and acoustic music are the best kinds of music to listen to while studying, but anything that isn't too loud or doesn't have too much of an upbeat tempo are okay too.

Listening to music can improve motivation

Because music boost mood, it can improve motivation when it comes to studying, doing homework, and other task. For less motivated students, music provides relief from the exhaustion and stress that is caused by studying and encourage them to keep working.

Music has calming effects

Music is relaxing and can make focusing easier, which is important for someone studying. Music has been proven to reduce distress, encourage coordination and communication, lower levels of stress hormones in the body, and relieve depression. Many people use certain types of music for meditation.

Because of all the benefits of listening to music, I believe that students should be able to listen to music during study hall

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