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All Write is now called the Lead Learners. The Summer Institute will be at Warsaw High School June 21 and 22nd of June. This is excellent PD, they really have a great number of presenters lined up check them out.

I sort of expect everyone who is able to attend to attend. I can't make you, but this is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself into trying new things. At this moment in time, we know more about how kids learn that we have ever known. These presenters are some of the best. They also happen to be some of the folks I love reading about on Twitter. Here is what I need. I need you to just send me an email by next Wednesday saying that you are in. I'll line up the transportation to Warsaw and pay for everyone to go. I will register us as a group and hook us up with some t-shirts so everyone knows CN is in the house! This is a volunteer opportunity to get some excellent insight into new educational and instructional trends. So please say I'm in and check out the two links below. The PDF has hyperlinks to all of the presenters.

Most Likely to Succeed Trailer....Why PBL, why do we owe it to our kids now!

Watch the trailer we will be watching this movie soon.

Upcoming Events

January 22 I am at the Summer Insititute Planning all day.

January 23 Book Study Team After School Grounded Coffee

January 24 PBL Entry Event Crash Course 7:45 HA Room

January 25 Character counts 3-5 9:15-9:45 K-2 9:45-10:15

January 26 ROAR K-2

January 26 Guys-Night-Out Outdoor Show and Five Guys

January 26 5th grade circus 8:45-2:30