Tech Tip Tuesday

8 September 2015

Teacher Battle of the Books Teams

Hi, everyone! If you've heard the announcements, we are starting a new "Battle of the Books" club at the high school level. Students...and hopefully a set list of books and compete against the other Adams 12 high schools in a trivia type battle. Teams should be of no more than 4. There are battles for each genre and a final battle in May. If interested, let me know. We will meet next Thursday after school in the library (or, I can chat with you later). Here's the book list if you're curious!

rowCall Add-On for Google Sheets

If you ever have students complete a Google form--and especially if you have multiple classes complete the same Google Form, this add-on is for you. Typically, all of your classes are thrown in the same spreadsheet together. Even if you sort them by class period, it's still a lot of information on one sheet.

rowCall sorts rows from your main sheet by the column you select and creates individual sheets for every unique cell in that column. First, make sure one of your questions is "Class Period" on your Google Form. Then, after using this add-on, each class period will be separated onto a separate sheet/tab. Check out the video below to see how it works, and then add rowCall to Google Sheets.

Before: All 200+ students were on one page of your spreadsheet.

Big image

After: Each class is on it's own tab on the spreadsheet.

For example, 8th period now has just 33 students on this tab.
Big image

Learn how rowCall works.

rowCall Add-On for Google Sheets

Bonus Article

A friend posted this on Facebook the other day, and I thought it was interesting. :)


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