Binary Coding

What is Binary Coding?

Binary Coding is a type of coding that only uses 0's and 1's. A single number is knows a a bit, 4 bits are know as a nibble, 8 bits are known as a byte, 1024 bytes are known as a kilobyte, 1024 kilobytes are known as a megabyte, 1024 megabytes are known as a gigabyte and 1024 gigabytes are known as a terrabyte.

Adding Binary Code

Binary code is simple enough once you have got the hang of it. The thing you have to remember about binary code is that is always doubles so when the first bit equals 1 the second bit will equal 2, the third bit will equal 4 etc. Binary code also always goes up from right to left. So if you had 11100111 + 00001111 then what you need to first do is work out what each number is so the first one reads (128+64+32+4+2+1) and the second one reads (8+4+2+1) so you have (128+64+32+4+2+1) + (8+4+2+1) = 231 + 15 = 246.