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December 6, 2019

One Week Down....Two More To Go!

We can do this!! Keeping the focus on instruction and continuing to move with our curriculum is the expectation and our life line to sanity this month. The superintendent talked about staying on course with our curriculum and instruction during December at our leadership meeting this past Wednesday, but I want to focus on the fact that it helps all of us keep a calm environment. We know that there is a great deal of fun and excitement to be had this month, but our kids do best with routine and predictability. We have A LOT of "out of routine" elements this month with testing, field trips, clubs and assemblies. Do yourself a favor and keep your instruction on point, your routines as close to normal as possible with all of these disruptions, and minimize all the holiday hoopla for as long as you can. We will have some fun that last week, but sticking to the norm is best for our kids.

Also remember that many kids do not like this season because it is far from joyous for them. Be sensitive to that. We are their solid objects and without us for two weeks, they lack stable food, a hug, and a comforting place to be. Pay close attention to those who may rely on you the most this month and fill their bucket as much as you can. Those two weeks we are out seem like an eternity to them.

12 Days Of FUN!

To put a little fun in our month the SMILE committee has gathered the fun things that we need to keep some pep in our step while we keep our classrooms calm. For fun for our kids I'd like to have a few "Spirit Days" on that last week we are here. We will send this home to parents, but we will include children in the following 12 days events:

  • December 16th--wear a holiday sweater/shirt
  • December 17th-wear holiday accessories
  • December 19th--Wear PJ's to school (students must wear shoes at all times-no slippers--and that is the same for adults due to the possibility of an emergency.)

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Full DRA in January

To ensure that no one becomes a "surprise" in the spring with a low DRA score we are going to give the full DRA to all students this January. This is common practice in other elementary schools in KCS and I understand was one here at a point in time. We will resume that practice this January. I am also working on some other data tracking approaches that will help us do better at identifying students who are not making the expected gains as we move through the academic year.

Congratulations to Tonya McInturff!

Congratulations to our very own Tonya McInturff who was honored Wednesday morning at the Rotary Club of Kingsport-Sunrise by being awarded with the Paul Harris Fellow Award for her service to the children of Lincoln and Kingsport City Schools. The program she initiated with the Rotary Club brings in Rotary volunteers to read with Lincoln first graders once a week has made a great impact on Lincoln. She advocates for our students and the importance of reading to fellow Rotary Club members making it a program that continues to increase in size. Thank you Tonya for all that you do and congratulations on this well deserved award.
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Snowman Contest!

To have some school wide fun that last week, we will have our second annual snowman/door decorating contest this year. You can begin to plot, but I'd wait until that last week to really get this up an on doors. This year our categories for judging will be:

  • Most school spirit
  • Most creative
  • Best example of meeting any/all of our school wide expectations
  • "Best In Town" --highlighting Lincoln and Kingsport in some way--be creative :-)

All snowmen must be up by noon on Thursday the 19th. Judging will take place Thursday afternoon. Classes are encouraged to take a walking tour of our snowmen Thursday afternoon or Friday Morning. Winners will be announced on the morning announcements on Friday Morning. I am unsure of who the judges will be at this point...but I will see if I can get some PTO/ASC folks to come over and judge.

Happy Snowman Making!!

Upcoming Events--Get a paper bag ready to breathe in--you may pass out!

December 9th
  • Facility Meeting 3:40-5:00--Library
December 10th
  • PLC-ELA--Grade Level Planning
  • Related Arts--DB Culinary Cookie Decorating--Grade Level RA times
  • Spark 3:30-5:00
December 11th
  • PLC Math--Grade Level Planning
  • Grades 3-5 Student Of The Month Assembly 9:00-9:40 **DIFFERENT DAY**
  • Suzanne, Marsha, and Kristen at Title Conference--Sheppard is a ONE WOMAN SHOW!
December 12
  • Nutcracker Trip--Grades K, 2, 4 & 5--9:00-11:30
  • Suzanne, Marsha, and Kristen at Title Conference--Sheppard is a ONE WOMAN SHOW!
  • Farmer Lego League--3:30-4:30--Conference Room
  • Faculty Christmas Get Together! --5:00-7:00--Chop House
December 13th
  • Tribe Classic
  • Suzanne, Marsha, and Kristen at Title Conference--Sheppard is a ONE WOMAN SHOW!
  • Spark--3:30-5:00--Gym
December 18th
  • Clubs!!--2:30--Various Rooms
December 19th
  • RTI Data Meetings--Grade Level Planning--Conference Room
  • Snowmen Judging begins at Noon
December 20th
  • Half Day
  • Fall on face--12:30/1:00ish--Various locations--hopefully after kids leave!

North Pole Musical was a HIT!!

Congratulations to Seth Wallingford, the 4th grade team (teachers and IAs), the Related Arts Team, and all of our fantastic 4th graders for an amazing performance of the the North Pole Musical. It was a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get that performance done and it was a success!! Thank you to everyone who supported this huge event! It was fantastic!

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