Two Battles And Two Victories

July 15, 1863

Battle at Gettysburg, PA

It began on July 1st and ended two days later, and we might have just witnessed the bloodiest battle of this whole dang war. The ten roads leading into Gettysburg is what attracted the soldiers, and the first day there were around 50,000 soldiers involved- 15,500 of which ended up dead. However, the second day's battle was the costliest of all three days, with a dead toll of 20,000! Of 120 generals present, 9 died. We might have to give out more awards than we have.

Battle at Vicksburg, MS

This battle happened about eleven days ago, July 4th. President Lincoln declared that Vicksburg was key, and without it being captured, The South will win. Vicksburg, in fact, was a huge supplies of all the army's needs, so it had to be taken so the Confederacy will lose. The deciding battle was fought on Champion Hill, and sure enough our North won!

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