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TPRI and MAP Testing for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades: All Week

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Tech Tips: By Ed

Which browser should I use?!

By Leah Heerema 2:50 PM chrome , digital literacy Edit

We have the pleasure of working with elementary teachers at their PLC meetings when they so graciously invite us to join in. At a recent meeting, teachers expressed frustration about the variety of websites that function best on different browsers. "Which browser are we supposed to use?!"

Their Campus Technology Assistant (CTA) had given them a print-out of suggested browsers at the beginning of the year. I took his great idea and ran with it. I wanted it to be a living breathing document online that I could keep updated and make it available for the whole school district.

Below is the Google Doc of recommended browsers for any given website that teachers or students might use. Drawing any conclusions? Basically, make Chrome your default browser and you're likely to have little resistance from most websites.

Website Browsers That Work Best

Carnegielearning.com Any browser EXCEPT Firefox

Connected.pisd.edu Any

Curriculum Planner Internet Explorer

Eduphoria Chrome and Firefox

Google Drive, Docs, Classroom Sires, Etc. Chrome

KOHA Firefox

My.hrw.com Chrome and Firefox

Pearson.edu Chrome

Plano.discoveryeducation.com Chrome

Safari Montage Any

Safari Montage Live (videoconferencing) Internet Explorer

Springboard Any

Think Through Math Chrome and Firefox

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ESL By Nina


If we gave students a growth mindset, if we taught them how to think about their intelligence, would that benefit their grades?

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PACE Perspective: By Margot

Do you need access to independent study projects? Check out the site below, it is packed with projects by grade level, and connected to our TEKS.

Shout Outs

To Amanda Glass for the FABULOUS job of painting the container that will now house our StuCo Hound Shop (school store). Amanda, we are so lucky to have you share your artistic talents with us!

Shout out to 5th grade for the fascinating living museum! What a great way to learn and share knowledge. Well done ladies.

Shout out to Stephanie Losoya for meeting with our 4th graders and getting them so excited about camp!

Ed for helping me with all of my laptops during MAP testing, even if it was just his moral support that I needed!

Ms. Graham for our awesome new board cleaner! My kids even commented about how clean my board was!

Kinder team for making my first year of teaching amazing! I seriously cannot imagine a better team to support me.

Shout out to Stephanie and Lynda for a great field trip to Perot.

Shout out to Amy Davis for surviving those sleepless nights!! You can do it!

Shout out to Anne Brown for staying late with Ana to work on her research roadmap.

Thanks to all grades for visiting fifth grade's living museum! It means a lot to them!

Shout out to Amy Robbins for drinking Diet Dr. Pepper bc it means I get to see her smiling face every day!

I would love to recognize Joy Roberts for leading our PLC Team and being so positive and caring!

I am so thankful for Faye Middleton’s sweet spirit!

I want to thank 2nd grade for sharing the laptops with 5th grade this week!

I want to thank Stephanie Losoya for taking on the responsibility of CCAC Director once again!

I want to thank Kristi and Kim for our fun Teacher Appreciation Week of celebration next week!

Shout out to Connie Prince for her patience and helpfulness with keeping her students on task and learning.

Shout out to Amy Moore, who drove me home when I needed a ride.

Shout out to Tambra Reynolds for being a great planner who stays calm during every challenge.

Shout out to Brooke McNeely, who shares the best stories of funny interchanges between students, keeping a smile on our faces in 2nd grade.

Shout out to Shannon Flohr for all her continuing work on the yearbook, processing orders, and having meetings.

Shout out to Amanda Glass for always being ready for us when we arrive for Specials.

Many thanks to Karen Rippel for her dedication to the fifth grade students and their learning!

Shout out to Vickie Vaughn and Anne Brown for all the work they do each and every day with our fifth graders!

Hugs and high fives to Faye Middleton and Lynda Bommarito for working their tails off each and every day to prepare our students for sixth grade!

Many, many thanks to Ed Goodfellow for fixing all the technological odds and ends in fifth grade whenever we need him!

A HUMONGOUS thank you to Amy Robbins for being such a team player! We appreciate you! Fifth Grade loves you! XOXOXO

FANS….keeping the kids happy and educated about good nutrition

PE- bringing so much excitement and prep for the upcoming Olympics events

Nurse Key- making it all better with a simple band aid

Ms. Graham for allowing us JOLE passes to use when life happens, and to Mrs. Taylor in covering for me to take off early!! Appreciate you both!!!!!

A shout out to all of the wonderful teaching staff we have here at Hedgcoxe.

The students and parents are lucky to have each one of you in their lives

Wishing you a wonderful week and rest of this school year!

Monday May 2

2:50-3:50 Chess Club

FANS- crumb cake with juice

STUCO- drinks

PTA- Pasta Bar Lunch!

Office- Jeans w/flip flops and a small gift in your mailbox

Tuesday May 3

STUCO- sweet and salty trail mix!

PTA- cosmic stacks

Office- Jeans w/flip flops and drink cart

Wednesday May 4

PTA- Cafe Max Salads

STUCO- Tiff's Treats

Office- Jeans w/flip flops and Mooyah shakes in the afternoon

Thursday May 5

PTA- Blast Off breakfast!

STUCO- Coffee and tea bar with breakfast

Office- Jeans w/flip flops and popcorn this afternoon

Friday May 6

PTA Galactic Goodies dessert bar!

STUCO- Fuzzy's Taco's for lunch with chips and salsa

Office- Jeans w/flip flops and a gift

10:30-11:30 Bluebonnet Pizza Luncheon (Library Loft)

11:30-2:30 Field Day (Opening Ceremony in the Gym)

Parents/visitors welcome to come at 12:00.

Sunday May 8

Mother's Day!!

Sunday May 8th Happy Birthday Sarah!!!