Hidden Girl


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Shyima goes through a lot in this book, her family sold her as a slave, she is beaten, she is barely fed she goes through a lot. In my opinion the worst thing she goes through is that she is in constant torture trying to figure out why her family sold her into slavery, shes dying on the inside wondering if her parents even love her.

Historical Connection

In 2000 Shiyma moved to America with her captors family. Shiyma had never really been religious but her captors family was genuinely latched on to their Islamic religion. During 2001 when Al'Caida launched attacks on the U.S. the family was in horror by what people of their religion had done.

Historical Connection cont.

The family had always been proud of their religion until the tragic event of 9/11. They were ashamed and tried to keep their religion hidden. They took off the head scarfs and stayed behind closed doors for along time.


Culture is the way of life of a group of people, the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, and they are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next.
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A captor is a person or animal that catches or confines another.
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Man vs. Society Conflict

The family that held Shyima as a slave were strong Muslims, when 9/11 struck everyone in America was shocked. The family was shocked that some one of their religion would do that. After 9/11 America grew very uneasy with anybody who even looked like they were from the Middle East. This caused the family to have a very low profile, the mother and her youngest daughter even went as far as taking their head scarfs off, the oldest daughter refused to do so. This conflict kept the family in the house much more.

Man vs. Self

Shyima goes through an internal conflict in the book. She always thought her parents loved her and they would never do anything to decieve her, but when her parents just left her with some random people in the 4 hours away from her home to be a slave, she didn't know what to think. She thought what did I do to deserve this, and she started feeling really bad about herself, her captors physically and verbally abused her making her feel like she was worthless and like she was nothing, and even when she called her parents to come get her, her mother told her to stay, she felt like her family didnt love her anymore