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Avoiding Burnout Before Winter Break


As we inch closer and closer to winter break, it seems as if teacher burnout is beginning to take hold. We have a class full of students who are anxious about the upcoming break, we have requests to meet and contact parents, plus we have weekly meetings to attend. All that on top of the pressure of the end of term grades can make a teacher go crazy at this time of year. However, it's always important to remember that there are students that depend on us each day. Additionally, it's also equally as important to take some time for yourself. Below are a few examples of how you can accomplish both of those items and ease into winter break.

Create a Flipgrid for Your Students

Flipgrid has become such a valuable tool to use in the classroom, its use could be quite evident in this instance. A few options for this would be to create a Flipgrid and ask your students what their favorite part of the class has been so far. Or, what is one thing they will take away from the topics that have been covered? This provides an opportunity for a trip down memory lane full of laughter, silliness, and the reminder that we are making a difference. Another idea could be to take an existing Flipgrid and then respond to each student's video with words of encouragement to have a strong finish before break.

Students Add to a Padlet

If you don't want to do a video-based response, Padlet is another great option. This is like an interactive bulletin board full of Post-It notes. Students could respond about one thing they've learned in the class to create a collage of learning. Or, they could write a thank you Padlet to a teacher of their choice. Whether Flipgrid or Padlet, each could have amazing benefits to morale as break nears.

Have a Laugh with Teacher Videos

Our profession can be full of moments where we can't help but chuckle, or even laugh out loud at what happens on a daily basis. But, there are some people who have lived those laughs who have created videos to provide us with that humorous jolt. A few of my favorites are Gerry Brooks, Kid President, the Key and Peele attendance video as well as the Teacher Center video, and even the Mr. D planning his sick days video. If you're wanting a laugh about teachers and teaching, check out one of those videos

The Humor Archives at We Are Teachers

In addition to the hilarious videos, there is an entire archive of articles aimed at making us laugh. The folks over at We Are Teachers have compiled an entire archive of items to escape the reality of our busy teacher schedules. Everything from articles focused on being "teacher tired" to lists about different aspects of the job. But, the best part of this archive are the countless collections of memes about teaching that are spot on! Each set can being a little humor to your teaching day.

Connect with New Educators on Twitter

You've read this many times before, but Twitter is a treasure trove for discovering ideas and sharing thoughts on the teaching day. Simply scrolling through a specific hashtag, tweeting about an aspect of the job, and tagging other educators would allow for a digital discussion to take place. I challenge you to find a hashtag of interest, throw it into a Google search and scroll. You don't even have to have a Twitter account to do this!

Take Time for Yourself

Finally, as we approach the reality of some time off, make sure to take time for yourself! Leave school at school. Take your teaching bag home, yet don't touch it until you leave for school again. Indulge in a personal favorite. Take pride in knowing that you are the reason a student comes to school each day and have made a difference! But, most importantly, enjoy your break! You've definitely earned it and deserve every minute of it!

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