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Welcome to my 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics page ! My fun and exciting page basically covers everything about the sport Skeleton . Wow , what an intimidating sounding sport you say ? It truly is scary to see them going very fast on a skeleton board. It is our lifelong duty to provide you with current news around the clock concerning all type of events that happen during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics . Please scroll down and enjoy my page I created just for the dangerous sport of Skeleton !

What is Skeleton ?

Skeleton is a sport in which you as an individual are on sled racing which occurs on the same tracks as a bobsled . Your main objective is to actually have the fastest time possible . Please watch this video because it gives you a better description of what Skeleton is !
Olympics: An Animated History of Skeleton Sledding

John Daly

Meet my Skeleton athlete John Daly up close and personal with this video . Your about to watch this video because it is better told by the man himself .
USA Bobsled/Skeleton: Meet John Daly
Olympian John Daly does high hurdle hop's.
American Daly 5th in Winterberg Skeleton - Universal Sports
John Daly tough loss in Skeleton

Current News / Articles

A devastating loss for John Daly but still having fun with Matt Antoine and Kyle Tress !

There are many way you can connect to the Winter Olympics in Sochi . there is live streaming on the Internet on . But if you view it online , you will have to have the package from your service provider. The following schedule for television channels is provided by the link above on what events are on each channel.


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