Fidel Castro

Cruel and Ruthless Dictator

Biography of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castrowas born in 1926. His father was very wealthy, therefore was able to send him to boarding schools.He was very smart and athletic. After college, he decided to attend law school in Havana, Cuba. While there, Castro gained an interest in politics, nationalism, and socialism. He was so interested in these topics, that he went to the Dominican Republic and contributed in the attempt to overthrow President Trujillo. Although this was a failure, Castro continued to pursue his political dream. He was married to a very wealthy woman in 1948 and not long after, he earned a seat in the Cuban Parliament. Fulgencio Batista declared himself dictator and Castro and a group of his supporters attempted to overthrow him. Unfortunately, they were captured and Castro was sentenced to incarceration for 15 years. Once he was released, he was set on overthrowing Batista. Throughout the years, Castro built strong supporters all within Cuba until eventually, Castro's supporters had a larger influence on Cuba than Batista's. In 1959, Castro gained control of Cuba. Castro charmed everyone including his enemy the United States. Meanwhile, he created the secret police to eliminate anyone who he felt stood in the way of his absolute power.He imprisoned men who spoke even one word against him. He also banned any and all other political parties so there was no chance of opposition. But, since all things must come to an end, in 2006, the president fell ill and gave the presidency to this brother Raul, temporarily. Two years later, he returned and announced that he was stepping down from his Presidency.

Visual Element

This video clip shows how Fidel became the cruel and ruthless dictator of Cuba. It explains that how even at a young age he was extremely intellectual and people expected him to do something brilliant. In college he joined intellectual groups and contributed in the attempt to overthrow Trujillo in the dominican republic. When he married his first wife, who was a very wealthy woman, he was granted access to more political opportunities like earning a seat in the Cuban Parliament. After he overthrew Batista, everyone was ecstatic. They knew that having Castro as a leader was going to change their lives for the better. But, like all dictators, power clouded Castro's judgement and he became just like every other dictator. He ruled with fear by eliminating any chance of opposition.He ruled like that for a long time until he became ill in 2006 and gave the rule to his brother, Raul, temporarily. He returned in 2008 declaring his resignation from president.

Essential Question: What parts of Fidel's past influenced him to become the cruel and ruthless dictator he was?

Creative Piece

President Castro,

Viva la Presidente! Fulgencio Batista has been overthrown and it is all thanks to you! Mi Familia and I are so grateful to you for trying to help this country. You know the saying "If you want something done right you must do it yourself"? Well that is exactly what you are doing. I know that whilst we are under your ruling, only great things will happen to this country. I know that you will help the working class and rid us of poverty, famine, and hunger because that is what you have promised us. I put my utmost trust in you and I know that Cuba is in the hands of a very responsible and rresponsible and respectable man and I could not have asked for a greater man to rule our country. Thank you again Presidente and my blessings go to you.


A Thankful Man and his Familia

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